Season 2 of ‘The chilling adventures of Sabrina’ already has a trailer and a release date

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  • season 2 of 'The chilling adventures of Sabrina' already has a trailer and a release date

    ‘The chilling adventures of Sabrina’ it quickly became one of the series most talked about of the season and Netflix took a good bit to give us a pleasant surprise by announcing a special christmas that we will be able to see from the 14 of December. Now the company has decided that the time had come to publish the trailer season 2 to announce step release date: April 5.

    One of the major innovations of the second season will be the arrival of Jedidiah Goodacre to give life to Dorian Gray, the owner of an exclusive nightclub that conceals a multitude of secrets as a portrait cursed. If there had been, ‘The chilling adventures of Sabrina’ to introduce it, so in your universe the famous character created by Oscar Wilde, an addition that fits quite a lot in the series of Netflix.

    in Addition, this second season will also feature Alexis Denisof, known for having played Wesley on both ‘Buffy, vampire slayer’ as ‘Angel’. I would not be surprised that more veterans of the series, Joss Whedon end up going by ‘The chilling adventures of Sabrina’ sooner rather than later. Paste that to happen.

    For now we make do with these first images and with the good news that this second season of the series starring Kiernan Shipka will premiere much earlier than we expected. Let us remember that the first came to Netflix on October 26, and that it is usual to take a year between seasons. In this case not going or reach six months.

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    The news season 2 of ‘The chilling adventures of Sabrina’ already has a trailer and release date was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    Season 2 of ‘The chilling adventures of Sabrina’ already has a trailer and a release date
    December 2, 2018

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