Several users would be selling their accounts Pokémon GO on eBay for hundreds of dollars

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    Pokémon would be very rare in them.
    Pokémon GO continues to accumulate the video game today for many reasons , ranging from economic field to security on , through the more mysterious and bizarre . Now several users who would be selling their accounts and profiles on the app Niantic and The Pokémon Company to get revenue from them based on the rare and special Pokémon Existing arise in them .

    Pokémon unique, very high levels and the promise of fast forward

    sales of these profiles Pokémon gO would come to stores like Craiglist or eBay , featuring numerous prices ranging from a few dollars to accounts that are auctioned by thousands of dollars . These accounts, which are sold by claiming a high level and capture Pokémon of different rarity, would reach heights of up to $ 3,000 .

    But what kind of creatures would be selling? The offers are varied. EBay users who are captured and trained creatures like Dragonite , one of the players offered to one with more than 1400 PC , and other account level 23 with 87 different Pokémon and store bought the game- objects, Gyarados high-power, a high level Pikachu . Obviously, given the character of an auction or fixed price, Many of these prices are not real, and can not be considered a market value tangible until there are players to bid or acquire such accounts.

    Indeed, according to the terms and conditions that all players sign when they start game, is something that is declared illegal. The practice, however, it is common to some multiplayer titles and similar role, which would hopefully soon legal action is taken against those users

    users would wear Pokémon as rare or claim highly trained as well as objects or in-app purchases already made

    related to this, a few days ago, we mentioned the lack of accessory Pokémon GO Plus , which also would be one of the hot topics in the famous bids online portal.

    The Pokémon phenomenon GO

    Pokémon GO is a mobile application where players can walk the streets of their cities capturing their favorite creatures . It’s free-to-play (although it contains microtransactions) and is available for both Android and iOS . If you want to know more, we recommend our special coverage href=”” and our GO Pokémon guide.
    Several users would be selling their accounts Pokémon GO on eBay for hundreds of dollars

    Several users would be selling their accounts Pokémon GO on eBay for hundreds of dollars
    July 19, 2016

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