Shenmue III already has official website

Four days left to finish the campaign in Kickstarter.
A few days to complete the financing in Kickstarter , Shenmue III official .

At the moment most of the content is limited to collecting Kickstarter updates and information of the game, but there is also a space for trailers with “soon” which suggests that a video will soon be published. Highlights links to major communities of fans , who supported the return of the series over the years.
With four days Shenmue III has raised $ 4.7 million , surpassing the 2 million initial target. However, for the adventure is more complete, there are different goals that extend the locations of the game and the combat system

Shenmue III has an official page

Shenmue III has an official page
 Shenmue III and has official page


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Shenmue III already has official website

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