Skype creates an optimized version for mobiles with Android 4.0 – 5.1, and we tested it

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    Microsoft not for of surprising us and in full in 2018 announces that it has created an optimized version of Skype designed to mobile with a version archaic operating system: from Android 4.0.3 to Android 5.1. That is to say, four years ago.

    This update is already in the deployment phase and will reach all users in the coming weeks, but only will notice changes those that have a version of Android old. You will need to less storage space and use less memory and will be prepared to work in unstable networks.

    According to data distribution of versions of Android February, a 42% of Android phones active made with a version of Android between Android 4.0.3 and Android Lollipop, so you will benefit from this lighter version.

    Only for older mobile

    on this occasion, It of the same application, unlike other applications that launch your Lite version or Go. The own Skype account with Skype Lite, that now it is not quite clear where it is situated. Though it will all in the next few weeks, what you can try today bajándote Skype Preview from Google Play.

    Eye, if you have an Android version superior to Lollipop 5.1, the Skype Preview, you will fall is the same as always and not the optimized version. The APK that is downloaded depends on the Android version of your device.

    Skype Preview

    Skype Preview

    • Android Version: the from 4.0.3
    • Developer: Skype
    • Download: Google Play
    • Price: Free
    • Category: is Communication

    A little bit more slight


    Microsoft tells us that this optimized version of Skype takes up less, and I believe that. Indeed, this version takes up around 45 MB, while the normal version goes up to the 69 MB. It is a descent, although I also dare to say that it is an application especially light. Even so, it is more lightweight than Skype Lite, which is around 53 MB.

    Interface simple

    Skypeprevv Skype for mobile old (left) and normal (right)

    The interface suffers a interesting remodeling that seems to borrow a lot of Skype Lite. It is more or less the same design, of the Skype Lite but it removes the tab bots and it shows the name of each tab instead of representing it with an icon.

    Chats, Calls and Contacts is all you need this Skype simplified, while the normal version includes notifications, favorites, and two additional tabs for Moments and Camera.


    In the chat conversations are also slightly simplify the interface. is Not there is voice notes, but you can still send emoticons and Moji, documents, and photos saved on your mobile phone or use the camera to take a photo directly. Other recent inventions of Skype and third-party applications, animated GIFS, polls or YouTube videos are not available.

    No counter data

    Skype And Skype Lite Skype for mobile old (left) and Skype Lite (right)

    In essence, you could say that this Skype simplified for mobile with older versions of Android is more like Skype Lite Skype normal. However, there are some differences, as it has been lost along the way counter data, present in Skype Lite but not in this version.

    Microsoft speaks that this version will use less memory and be better prepared to work in unstable networks, but really did not make any mention of the saving data, which could be ground of Skype Lite. Yes that has two options in the settings: the possibility of reducing the use of data in calls, and the compression or not of the images before sending them.

    More information | Microsoft
    Xataka Android | Skype Lite is lighter, uses less data and is much better than the official app

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    Xataka Android

    Skype creates an optimized version for mobiles with Android 4.0 – 5.1, and we tested it
    March 5, 2018

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