Slack manages 200 million dollars financing

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    Slack manages 200 million dollars funding

    Slak, one of the tools most popular work, has raised 200 million dollars by increasing its valuation to $ 3.8 million.

    Just over two years has cost the most popular startup among employees of other companies achieve valuation of 3.8 million . With a new round of financing of $ 200 million, according to Business Insider , gets lift a whopping 540 million in total, the last almost a year ago; with 2014 and 2015 as their star moments regarding investments. In this new operation have managed to keep investors already involved in previous operations and also to Thrive Capital, GGV and Comcast Ventures.

    This is the ability to Slack, you can even start buying small businesses Slack has achieved something that some of its competitors not yet been able to achieve: monetizing its services . One of its virtues is that it is directed primarily to the business sector where it has managed to become indispensable and practically forcing their subscribers to pay for the ability to access all of your charter services.

    It is a market difficult because there is no longer a creature of habit, but when you get a new show, and like, you have earned the ground. Throw in almost all startups are or have been using Slack and you have the icing on the cake. Both is success is even starting to displace the traditional email by the ease and convenience offered use; recently, even integrated communication voice and video , allowing video conferencing does not need to access another application. Skype Care, a new competitor has come to town. Not content with that, Slack also is starting to invest in third . With a background of nearly 80 million announced it will buy companies that can complement their services.

    It is unclear what will be for the new funds, but most likely is that the pace of growth lead we have other investors interested in entering in the tool for professionals.


    Slack manages 200 million dollars financing
    April 2, 2016

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