SlimPort: forgotten connector USB HD shows on your phone

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    SlimPort-5102_575px It is hard to forget some of the thousands of new features with each new terminal appears on the market. There are many shared characteristics and basic, such as processing power, display, RAM. But there are others that are perhaps a little more in the pipeline either be unique to a single terminal, or not know aprovecharle juice.

    SlimPort is the case, a feature popularized especially after the Nexus output 4 and back now with the Nexus 7 but have not been given all the importance and keeps interesting differences with respect to the well known and MHL. One way to make our terminal a true portable media center.

    What is SlimPort


    Well, as mentioned, is not a new technology. In fact, it is a development that allows for Analogix output HD quality video from the microUSB port. Nothing new either, will think. But keep in mind that there are marked differences with the MHL standard far. A method that was caught with a cable attached to microHDMI and externally powered. And only linked to an HDMI port. SlimPort Something that just because except VGA and DisplayPort connections, you can connect HDMI and DVI without power.

    slimport-nexus4-02 Although the main idea is to equip devices with microUSB connection with the be able to view content on larger screens, is not limited only to this. In fact, SlimPort adaptability makes it the ideal multi-purpose adapter not only to watch video in HD, but also to benefit from free OTG if we have it, becoming the terminal in the ideal multimedia center since we can attach an external hard drive or a card reader and able to play media without a problem. Furthermore charger without power can take the connector itself and load our terminal.

    SlimPort interesting thing is given by its operation and its wide range of possible connections. And being a OEM technology, which any manufacturer can adapt it and build your own cables connectors . Something as mentioned at the beginning has one of the most popular terminals such as the Nexus 4 and the new Nexus 7 and that although this feature is known, seems to have fallen on deaf ears a bit since we’ve barely seen moving in this direction .

    But not because there are no wires to it, nor take advantage of opportunities as both the HD output with terminal OTG. Only and having a USB cable for SlimPort can be obtained with a relatively small investment for a true multimedia system lead . Something I can use to watch movies, videos or photos, music, and all without punishing drums and on virtually any screen.

    A feature somewhat forgotten but hopefully the new terminals will adapt, because in many cases is the most efficient way to play media on large screens than it already has become our true epicenter of our entertainment and personal productivity: Our Android.

    SlimPort have more information web-Analogix

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    SlimPort: forgotten connector USB HD shows on your phone
    July 24, 2013

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