So does the menu security and secrecy of WhatsApp

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    The latest testing version of WhatsApp for Android includes a menu of security that for the moment remains hidden to the users. However, when you stop to become pregnant, anyone can verify the authenticity of the contacts to which you send messages. Because, although by default the phones come with a security system to encrypt chats and calls, you can always have bugs.

    With this new security menu, things change, as has been discovered by a developer that has shared its findings through Reddit as reported by Computer Today.

    If the user activates the option Show security indicators, be able to confirm the authenticity of the person who is behind the screen. The same thing happens with group chat, so you can find out easily if someone has usurped to another contact.


    So does the menu security and secrecy of WhatsApp
    December 24, 2017

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