So is the camera interface Moto X

Although still missing eight days for its official launch in today has seeped interface camera Moto X . Let’s see how will the camera next Google device.

 Moto X

camera interface Moto X

first thing to note is that the Moto X interface is different from using Motorola coming despite having a similar style we’ve seen in stock Android since the launch of Nexus 4 is not equal to this but incorporates several changes with a minimalist look and full of gestures.

 Interface Moto X

Among the new features, we see that we can access the settings and through a side-scrolling gallery. By sliding your finger from the left, will open the conference settings, which can rotate to go showing all options, swipe from the right to have access to the gallery, sliding up or down hremos zoom, while if you click anywhere we can take a picture.

Interface Moto X-2

In addition, the interface of Moto X includes some very interesting features like the SLO mode to record in slow motion (Slow Motion) or the option for HDR. There are other touch controls such as the ability to focus on a particular point or run burst mode with a long press.

 Interface Moto X-3

There are only 8 days to be officially launched and everything suggests that we are in the presence of an excellent smartphone. Eager to see the new Moto X ?


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So is the camera interface Moto X

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