So it could be Dryden Ye, the villain of ‘Han Solo: A history of Star Wars’

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    Paul Bettany as Dryden Vos

    we will Never know how it would have been ‘Han Solo: A history of Star Wars’ if they had not fired a the directors original but, now that the movie is disappointing at the box office, it is inevitable to wonder if Lucasfilm made the right decision. Remember that Chris Miller and Phil Lord were components of the project when there were only 3 weeks to complete filming.

    apparently, they were improvising too much (it is said that the co-writer Lawrence Kasdan it was one of those responsible for the dismissal) and were replaced by someone more veteran and insurance, Ron Howard. One of the major changes that were made was to sign Paul Bettany and modify the villain, Dryden Vos, originally I was going to be an alien. Thanks to some images of the concept art of the film we have the opportunity to see how he could have been the aspect of the character:


    image01 image01 image01 image01

    As you can see, the aspect of the villain would have been dramatically different to the final. In one of the photos is a drawing of Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios, character ‘Star Wars Rebels’, although the idea was not to include him in the film but take it as a reference and make Dryden Vos belonged to the same species. My favorite is the first one, I would have loved to see something like interacting with the actors, although there are several designs very eye-catching and interesting.

    Lord and Miller chose to Michael K. Williams to interpret to You with the technology of motion capture, and the actor had finished his work when he came to Howard; Williams was already busy with another project so they had to substitute for him to re-record all the scenes with the villain. Before that conflict, Howard decided to simplify things with an antagonist to human and joined to Bettany, also with the idea of add romantic tension with Qi ra (Emilia Clarke). Bettany is an excellent actor but has not succeeded, his character was intimidating and I thought boring to see another human being instead of a creature most strange and mysterious. In terms of the tension, I found nothing, it was like when Jabba enslaved Leia. What do you think?

    Ron Howard had to re-shoot much of the movie (it is estimated that around a 70% of the footage that came to the big screen is for Howard, which shot the budget to over 250 million dollars, becoming the delivery more expensive of the saga up to date. Something that does not worry the leaders of the franchise seeing the figures of ticket obtained by the previous installments, but the public has not responded with the enthusiasm he expected.

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    So it could be Dryden Ye, the villain of ‘Han Solo: A history of Star Wars’
    June 6, 2018

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