So you can keep a conversation secret Facebook Messenger

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    confidential Conversation

    The encrypted end-to-end arrived this week to the messaging application Facebook Messenger, but like Google Allo, this protection extra security will only be available through his new function secret talks.

    The new secret talks of Facebook Messenger allows us to send messages encrypted and ephemeral to our contacts, and its operation is very simple.


    confidential Conversation

    The first thing you have to do is activate the secret talks from the tab of our profile, in the “secret Talks”.

    The talks will be activated on a single device. There you can also drop all private conversations.

    confidential Conversation

    once you have activated the option as we can maintain a confidential conversation with our contacts in two ways: From the switch in the form of contacts or from the information of a normal conversation by pressing between your options Conversation secret to open a new chat encryption.

    confidential Conversation

    once you have created a confidential conversation since all of our messages will be encrypted end-to-end. And the most striking aspect of this new mode is that we can make our messages are autodestruyan.

    confidential Conversation

    In a confidential conversation we can do that our message is no longer visible after a certain time, ranging from 5 seconds up to the day. Once the message has been visible this time emborronará to stop being visible, although the text messages are still understanding.

    confidential Conversation

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    So you can keep a conversation secret Facebook Messenger
    October 8, 2016

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