Sony SmartWatch 2 is updated with style editor, calculator, better integration with Apps and more

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    smartwatch 2 sony

    With the fever of smart watches that are coming under the purview of Android Wear, do not forget that there are already some models currently on the market, with their advantages and flaws. One of the manufacturers to bet on bringing more features to the watches was Sony with your SmartWatch, both the first version as SmartWatch 2 .

    One of the biggest complaints that their owners had was the inability to create custom fields on the display SmartWatch 2 now has a solution and this thanks to the latest update of the application Android.

    Editor screen

    products from the Android App

    In the new version of App 2 SW2 SmartWatch not only different “watchfaces” but a own editor to create our own spheres products. I mean, you can select between different proposed designs, both digital and analog versions of different styles, and also design your own.

     smartwatch 2 app

    Since the application now accesses a editor that shows a screen template SmartWatch 2 in white , and we can go adding items to the grid . These are different types of clock widgets with dates and events, Bluetooth indicator, the battery status, alarm call, calendar, weather and more.

    As Sony has opened up the platform to third , anyone can create new widgets, so we will soon see new designs and functions.

    wallpapers New Calculator and improved notification drawer

    This integrated editor You can create your screen to your liking and distributed with new wallpapers, as well as six new designs are included. It also adds a calculator app that works independently of the connection to your smartphone, so you can perform calculations anywhere from your wrist.

    sony smartwatch February 1

    The functionality of GMail and Facebook from the watch has improved, with better integration and synchronization with the phone and the notification drawer, because now you can “mark as read” calendar events from the SmartWatch 2 itself.

    A good update for this watch already has almost 400 compatible apps , with built long ago asking users Sony SmartWatch 2 and many internal changes that give new capabilities and settings. Sony warns that it is a step forward and soon have more news about wearables . Will they dare to Wear Android

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    Via | Sony | AndroidCentral

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    Sony SmartWatch 2 is updated with style editor, calculator, better integration with Apps and more
    April 22, 2014

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