Sony: we Want the loading screens are a thing of the past with the PS5

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    Mark Cerny points out that this element is ‘key’ for the next console; the inclusion of the SSD promises a gaming experience faster.

    Mark Cerny, architect of the PlayStation 4 and the next PlayStation 5, was held to provide detailed information of the new Sony console. Between their items, including the presence of an SSD drive or solid state drive… and this feature is part of one of the objectives of the company: do away with annoying loading screens.

    Goodbye to waiting times

    this way, from Sony indicate that the SSD will be an item “key”. Not in vain, Cerny took to demonstrate their effects more than remarkable: using the kit demo PlayStation 5, the quick trip of Spider-Man – game from Insomniac Games – decreased from 15 seconds on PlayStation 4 Pro to 0.8 seconds in the new console.

    “An SSD of ultra high speed is the key for our next generation”

    A spokesman for Sony was a brief but strong statement to the official magazine of PlayStation (number 162) about the inclusion of this SSD in PS5, and what that means for the console:

    “An SSD ultra-high-speed is the key to our next generation. Our vision is to make the loading screens are a thing of the past, allowing the creators to build experiences of play new and unique”.

    also, this element will allow the games to render more rapid the worlds and scenarios, offering users an experience more in line with the vision of the developers. Here we will tell you in detail the information that we know of PlaySatation 5.

    Sony: we Want the loading screens are a thing of the past with PS5

    Sony: we Want the loading screens are a thing of the past with the PS5
    May 9, 2019

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