Sony Xperia Transfer the app to move your data from one phone to another

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    left;”> Sony is one of those companies that want to offer their exclusive apps terminals interesting. This time seems to draw on Motorola Migrate , the tool that allowed us to move our data, in its latest app, Transfer Xperia . The app as we say is very similar to the idea of ​​Motorola, although the design is a little more carefully.

    left;”> Xperia Mobile Transfer can get the content you it saved in any of our smartphones and transmit the new. Basically to get the apps, music and other a mobile old and only bring it closer the data is transmitted. This transmission works over WiFi and need the PIN code to bind or if the two NFC devices have it.

    left;”> only have to select the app through the content you want and accept. Also we can move data from iOS devices , but this time we need a transfer cable Xperia.

    left;”> We leave you with the video where they show of very graphic way the information is transferred.

    Watch the video

    In the application can move almost everything. It From the contacts we have in the old phone, even dates on the calendar, sms, chat, bookmarks, notes, pictures and videos .

    For iPhone users we suggest alternatives applications installed there in iOS, because although not all are in the two operating systems, for most it does find similar.

    The application works with any device with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up and for those iPhones with iOS 4 or later. We leave the link to the Play Store to download this application data migration Sony.


    Application on Google Play

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    Sony Xperia Transfer the app to move your data from one phone to another
    February 1, 2014

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