Sony Xperia Ultra C5, analysis: to be the best in selfies not enough

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    Sony Xperia C5 Dual Visibility

    Sony adelantó in August the Ultra Xperia C5 , an advance to its line Z5 features that bump in the midrange by specifications and a much more acceptable price. Ultra stands for phablet , productivity and use both hands. Their 6 inches we can not expect anything else

    In this case we have two interesting points:. A large screen with good characteristics on paper, a duet of powerful camera with the selfie flag. We’ve been testing and this is our analysis.

    Xperia Ultra C5, by the numbers

    The C5 Ultra comes with a clear focus to young audiences you are looking for just that. No more is needed to keep an eye on your cover letter Sony website and, of course, see selfie is a clear protagonist of this phone .

    Xperia C5 Ultra

    Before you begin we leave you with the features of the Ultra C5 in its Dual version, which is what we tested.

    Sony Xperia Ultra Dual C5
    Dimensions 164 x 79.5 mm
    8.2 mm thick
    187 grams
    Display IPS 6 inches
    Resolution Full HD 1,920 x 1,080, 367 dpi
    Processor MediaTek MT6752 , 28nm
    Octa Core 1.7GHz A53
    Graphics Processor Mali T760MP2 @ 700MHz
    RAM 2 GB
    Report 16 GB, 10
    Version Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
    Connectivity WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth 4.0
    Dual Nanosim
    Cat.4 LTE (150 / 50 Mbps)
    Expansion Ports MicroUSB 2.0
    microSD (up to 200 GB)
    Rear Camera 13 megapixels Exmor RS and Flash
    Front Camera Exmor RS 13 megapixels and selfie Flash
    Speaker Front, mono
    Battery 2,930 mAh Lithium Ion, nonremovable
    Water Resistance No
    Other Led notifications
    FM Radio
    Reference price 349 euros en PcComponentes

    6 inches that seem so

    Sony Xperia C5 Rear Dual 2

    The Xperia C5 Ultra is a phone with metal frame and smooth plastic back . Sony typically cover the left (plastic, of course) with dual SIM and SD card tray. MicroUSB bare bottom, and right side buttons, camera shutter included. The lock button is here smaller than usual, more difficult to find touch .

    In the hand it feels solid thanks to this framework, but also Pretty heavy with 187 grams . The back cover detracts a little metallic finish its side, resting on the top and corners with the formula that has been using Sony from the Z3. Jump to plastic to better protect against drops

    Sony Xperia C5 Dual Profile

    If only it were up to 6-inch Ultra C5 longer it is a major, definitely. If we also add that has additional elements on the front (as a speaker on the front or large module dedicated camera with flash), has one of the best excuses for the top and bottom margins grow.

    That thin side frames are easy to use one hand to reduce the appearance of gigantófono

    I have taken great phones for years, from the well used 5.7 inches in a Note 3 to 6 Mate 7 . This seemingly small difference between diagonal hides an important effect: the difficulty of use to a hand. In the C5 Ultra becomes difficult, although Sony has thought about it. The side edge is very thin and has a way to use a hand which we shall return later

    Sony Xperia C5 Dual Lock Button

    One thing that troubles from the outset is that, with today day average thickness of 8.2 mm (which does not make you feel small, but it is not too much) and a big screen, the battery is left in the 2,930 mAh. As a reference, we Z3 5.2 inches and less than one millimeter, and the battery is 3100 mAh. Or what is the same: battery could be higher this

    Finally, when we put the Xperia C5 Ultra alongside the Z3, with which it shares some features in it. design (in addition to the recent line Z5), it is easy to look at the lock button. In this C5 Ultra we have a much smaller, perhaps too much, and hard to find touch. To the extent that I found looking at the phone many times to press it.


     image01 href=”″> image01  image01 image01

    Its screen is its strong and weak

     Sony Xperia C5 Dual Front

    After those 6 inches Full HD 1080p resolution IPS panel hides with his usual filter Mobile Bravia Engine 2. Nothing Triluminos or X-Reality advance that it is not a screen range high today. Nevertheless met in the price range that we move.

    As for resolution, I am in favor of including the minimum necessary to provide a good experience, and more midrange terminals. We know that each pixel adds stress to the system, in addition to negatively repercurtir autonomy. 1080 lines is a number , but I had to choose the same phone with a 2K diagonal screen in this, I would stay with this.

    When it comes to the truth, It is a IPS panel with a decent mid-range brightness . This means that blacks are not really black, the screen brightness is decent (similar, though somewhat less than Z3), but in which the angles vision dede not distort colors, although that becomes black as the most enlightened increase the inclination.

    Sony Xperia C5 Dual Size

    If you are willing to use two hands on a daily basis, you will notice the benefits of space to watch videos and browse

    Of course, yes, this six-inch screen is perfect for media consumption and Web browsing. As long as we are willing to put both hands to use every day, since it is impossible, if not only very difficult to reach some points by hand. In my particular way of holding the phone, the bottom frame with the onscreen buttons, away much of the content of the comfort zone to a hand.

    Less autonomy and performance you would expect

    Sony Xperia C5 Down Dual Charger

    This is undoubtedly the weakest section all for Ultra C5. Although when I turned on for the first time the feeling was not bad, as I have been using it feel with your phone has worsened as you’ve been asking for it to become completely on my phone the day day.

    Inside we have a MT6752 ‘True Octacore’ as he calls MediaTek processor manufacturer. That is, eight cores running simultaneously and not by groups of four, as shown in the big.LITTLE designs. Inside the chipset also we see a Mali T760 GPU at 700MHz dual-core


    Benchmarks Sony Xperia Ultra C5
    (Mediatek MT6753)
    Elephone P8000
    (Mediatek MT6753)
    Alcatel Idol 3
    (Snapdragon 615)
    AnTuTu 64bit 5.7.1 45 866 * 33.451 29,123
    Vellamo Chrome Browser : 3,233
    Multicore : 1,898
    Metal 1,316
    Chrome Browser : 2,152
    Multicore : 1,553
    Metal 1,103
    Chrome Browser : 2,184
    Multicore : 1,274
    Metal 880
    Ice Storm
    Unlimited : 10,457
    Extreme : 6,743
    Basic : maximum
    Unlimited : 6.168
    Extreme : 4.204
    Basic 7,640
    Unlimited : 7.223
    Extreme : 5,278
    Basic 8,846
    3.0 : 482
    3.1 318
    3.0 285
    3.1 184
    3.0 : 163
    3.1 : Unsupported
    (job performance)
    4335 3683 3370
    (battery life)
    5 hours 31 minutes
    Geekbench 3 A kernel: 796
    Multi 4,012
    Manhattan 3.1
    Onscreen: 6.4
    Offscreen: 6
    T-Rex 3.1
    Onscreen: 7.5
    Offscreen: 7.2

    * Feedback unverified Antutu by the server, so it could be distorted by the terminal.

    In view of the results in the tests, good in general, we expect that the phone performance on the day was very good, came into the category of ‘super mid-range’ that we see today day. Unfortunately, it’s not. The performance is often poor and sometimes even the simplest task, such as opening the camera, it may take a while, sometimes about 10 seconds.

    As for the battery, Sony scores points for its usual Stamina mode. This mode restricts some performance or network functions such as when the phone is locked. But not all good news.

    We have seen in the performance data tables C5 Ultra test yields a score of PCMark autonomy to be until five and a half hours. What at first seems a good result we see that even comes close to top Android terminal 100, but would go to the post 340.

    The reason is that in these tests, although the terminal attempts to simulate daily activities like Web browsing, will all use screen on time, saving the long wait with 3G connections we make to our phones.

    A maximum of three hours, well below what is expected to a large phone.

    The analysis have installed all the applications I use daily and have been used as soil use in my daily life. The maximum screen time was three hours, well below what is expected phone to a large and even many who are not.

    Sony Xperia C5 Dual Sim

    Not only that, touch pad has a Ultra Xperia C5 latency a lag , too high for the price range in which we operate. This makes actions such as writing text to be very slow and end up riddled with errors.

    The touchpad has a small delay makes such simple tasks as fast typing is difficult

    This error has been with us throughout our testing phone, although admittedly has fallen significantly since the last update that arrived in the system, still in the same Android 5.0 Lollipop with which he left the box.

    It is important to note that, on this phone the speakers are on the front, but there is only one that serves as such, and is below . The hole above corresponds to the phone handset to speak, and he does not go audio.

    Despite this sound intensity of this phone is considerably high, much more Xperia smartphones in others we tested. This is due in part to lack of sealing water resistance, and the outlet gap is large. Its quality is not, however, too good (at the top we see others as HTC and its front BoomSound)

    Two identical chambers. Good before, bad back

    Sony Xperia Dual Camera C5 Front

    The Xperia C5 Dual opt for an unusual camera settings with Two nearly identical cameras . Good news for the front camera, perhaps not so much for the back . And the focus on this mobile is put in front camera, flash included.

    We then the traditional system where a camera is very good and another very bad, to one where the two chambers are relatively decent.

    The combo makes the rear lose something in performance compared to other smartphones of the same price. Then we spent the traditional system where a camera is very good and one very bad one where the two chambers are relatively decent .

    Front Back
    Resolution 13 megapixels 13 megapixels
    Focus 22 mm 25 mm
    Angle 88 degrees 80 degrees

    They change little. They are two identical 12.6-megapixel sensors, albeit with different perspectives . Thus the front has a viewing angle more open field to trap more selfies . The rear stays at 25mm, the standard Sony, with more than usual with other manufacturers (28mm) coverage. This’ll like if you value capture ‘more is better’ in a picture perfect scenery. My experience is that, though sometimes appreciated, such a large angle makes many of the subjects remain ‘dwarfed’ in some shots.

    Sony Xperia C5 Rear Dual Camera

    More often than we would like, the picture is broken for some reason.

    Let’s go to the cloth. Sony repeated strategy: own sensor, with high reputation, and calibration and processed leaves much to be desired. What does this mean? As the sensor has potential (shown some of the shots at low light), but more times than we would like the photo is broken for some reason : processing excessive, HDR ‘moved’ lack of detail or contrast.

    These last two are especially troublesome, when combined with a screen that enhances the image and gives us the feeling that the pictures approve . The surprise comes when we get the picture to another device and hardly any color, with washed look, even in simple situations.

     DSC 0021 If the lighting is very good, no problem and detail is high.

    DSC 0077

     DSC 0065 Ultra C5 often collected under dynamic range and low intensity or natural colors.

     DSC 0008 If you stay still, the camera gives himself in dark situations.

     C5 Ultra Hdr The HDR rescues fairly light of many photos, but sit still playing.

    Can you take a look at the gallery of original images at high resolution with some extra shots.


    image01  image01 href=”″>  image01  image01

    I also leave a sample video in various situations that you to take a look at the performance. It is consistent to capture photos, because as usual in video recording quality is lost

    selfies, come to my

    The selfies are key players in the C5 Ultra. Your camera in the rear can slack off in some scenarios, the front is the protagonist. At 13 megapixels sensor is accompanied by what they called selfie Flash, a greater angle flash , since the subject will be closer.

     DSC 0003

    We therefore selfies outstanding camera that works in any environment, though, that shines in the darkness.

    Experience You need a push shot

    Sony Xperia C5 Dual Camera

    It is certainly one of the tasks Sony earrings, improve implementation of camera and shooting experience than proportional. It is shocking that dedicated to produce not only mobile but also cameras ranging from entry line to the professional sector, there is no best bet here.

    Missing options, and how to access them is a hassle. Sony, you need a new interface. Yes, the camera shutter button with two positions (focus, shoot) does wonders in a world that is not used to have it, right here.

    Fortunately, Sony has just introduced una new camera application that precisely this approach and provides some of the settings a lot easier to use interface. At the moment it is only available for the Xperia Z5.

    Sony needs a makeover in the Software

    Comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop , a somewhat older version already ( but compatible with all applications) and some imperfect and incomplete thereby silence or quick adjustments from a much less potent than 5.1 notifications. The upside is that Sony plans to upgrade directly to Android 6.0 Marshmallow still no dates .

    Use a hand

    The C5 comes in Ultra version 16GB, but these are only 10.5 GB the user . Sony has a lot of own applications or extra modes in the camera to take up too much, bring little and can not be removed easily.

    6 inches phone is clear that we need a second input method and the elected we are also seen in Samsung phones, as S6 + Edge. Glide from one of the two bottom corners up and the screen shrinks to her.

    As for the rest of the phone software, it is virtually identical to what we see in other Android 5.0 phones brand like the Z3 as he passed that version. It misses yes that with such a large screen, has been given preference to the size of the elements that the amount of interface elements . This is a basic set of Android that we can modify con some effort, and without root.

    Finally and although the C5 Ultra has been updated with a correction of faults has not been anything wrong, I expect this phone further improve its stability and some drawbacks detected.

    Xperia Ultra C5, the opinion of Engadget

    Sony Xperia C5 Dual Rear

    The Xperia C5 Ultra is a great terminal. At least starting from the literal. If you like big phones, with a powerful sound and a brutal camera to the selfies , this phone is watching you.

    However, although performance on tests is exceptional for its range, this is a textbook example of how these tests do not always have the last word. The performance in general use falters, although it is possible that Sony improves this section with future updates system.

    Finally it is missing also in a terminal of this size one longer battery life. While becomes bad, we are accustomed to giant beating marks autonomy.


    Design 7.5
    Display 7
    Performance 6.75
    House 7
    Software 7
    Autonomy 6


    • The front camera is its great argument
    • The display is large and side frames are very low
    • Ability expandable with SD
    • Dual SIM cards in a single tray


    • Farewell to water resistance
    • more battery of a phablet
    • Rear Camera with mediocre results are expected with an application that needs to renew
    • Touchpad too slow
    • Still in Android 5.0

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    * The terminal has been transferred to the test by Sony. Please see our relations policy companies *

    News Sony Xperia Ultra C5, analysis: to be the best in selfies not enough was originally published in Engadget Android by David Ortiz .

    November 25, 2015

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