Sony Xperia Z: Analysis and user experience

When looking panoramic activating our own way Photo Sphere and look at the world we see several things Android. The first is that we are…


When looking panoramic activating our own way Photo Sphere and look at the world we see several things Android. The first is that we are slammed with Samsung and its Galaxy range, a range that starts to grow so large that threatens to overshadow the very Android. And this is dangerous, because we want competition, and we want every manufacturer struggles to make a better phone than its neighbor.

It seems that Sony has responded to this battle was being fought behind. Not for nothing has managed to consolidate as a second global smartphone vendor, and we must recognize that, despite how much you have criticized in the past from here, start making things better. There is still more timely when terminals upgrade to the latest versions of Android, and is perhaps the part of the review of all Android users are pending. Hopefully the pass with flying colors.

Xperia Z In the Japanese firm has given a very interesting evolutionary leap. There have been limited to the line continue to evolve the Xperia S and T were making, but they have changed the layout, added water resistance and radically increasing the size of the screen. This new commitment to a high-end terminal seems the right in an industry where demand increasingly large phones Xperia Z and this is a true pleasure phone. But let’s analyze it thoroughly, take a close look at each of its features.

Materials and Design

Possibly in the design where Sony makes one of his best efforts, and it shows. Sony designs are great lovers and strong detractors, it seems that Sony design talk is talk of tastes. What is certain is that they try to make it different, and always have marked an interesting line that does not follow what the other manufacturers mark.


With the Xperia Z have played, and that seemed to have abandoned his design line, leading to the square, one of the most risky. One of the main reasons for this is the large size of its huge 5 “screen. With such a large screen is difficult to play with the design, as the terminal itself greatly increases its measures, and have to save where you can, so the square is the most successful. Round off the edges too would increase too the front surface, and is therefore the option we see in these sizes, anything intermediate between a perfect rectangle shape and Galaxy Note II.

Returning to the design of Xperia Z, as well resolved. Some fine protruding edges covering the front and back, both made of glass Dragontrail, the competitor of Gorilla Glass in which Japanese manufacturers are more confident. This small edge is almost undetectable, but high enough to prevent the glass is always in touch when we support the mobile on a flat surface. It may seem silly, but you can not imagine how the Nexus just four behind after a month of use by not having this little ridge.

 sony-xperia-z-image -04

The back only has the camera and flash. The chamber is coated with a photographic lens that helps to improve the quality of images taken. Going back a little to compare with the Nexus 4, this was one of his major design flaws. This rear glass Gorilla Glass also covers the camera, forgetting the use of a camera lens, and dramatically worsens the quality of the photographs. We already know that Sony cares especially the camera, and this detail is very important.

Turning to the sides we find that the only thing in sight is the power button and the volume, highlighting quite bit. The power button is striking at first, as it seems not hit anything with the design of the rest of the terminal. This is because the phone Xperia Z is a completely symmetrical, and without looking at it is difficult to know how we’ve caught. The power button is what helps us to situate, and is much appreciated. At first it must be recognized that looks very ugly, but you get used quickly.


The same right side we have the volume buttons and a tab that allows access to the microSIM slot. We went to the top edge and found another tab, that when opened reveals the headphone jack. Following the road we reached the left edge, the more loaded connectors, as it has two tabs that hide the microUSB port and microSD slot respectively and a gold plug remaining air.

Why so many tabs ? Because the Xperia Z has a feature I’ve been waiting longest in at least the high end. And it is waterproof, hence all the connectors are covered with tabs. Having a mobile submersible may not seem too useful, and nobody is going to risk putting one of these mobile features and price to dive in the sea. However it is extremely interesting for water-related accidents, falls upon us when a glass of water, a failure of grip while making a visit to the toilet or just answer a Whatsapp when it is raining.


golden connector is in the air and we thought we had left is to connect, charge and use the audio and video Xperia Z without eyelashes thanks to uncover dock that also sell Sony. They are very well missing eyelashes and they look very strong, but after all are tabs, and always end up breaking down or breaking if we use daily.

 sony-xperia-z-image-05  sony-xperia-z-image-08  sony-xperia-z-image-06  sony-xperia-z-image-07  sony-xperia-z-image-09  sony-xperia-z-image-10  sony-xperia-z-image-11  sony-xperia-z-image-12  sony-xperia-z-image-02  sony-xperia-z-image-04  sony-xperia-z-image-01  sony-xperia-z-image-03

Interface Sony

Sony continues to use the new interface you have used in their latest smartphones. It is a custom interface, which usually have so much anger, but at least in this case it is extremely intrusive or annoying, since have greatly simplified and have not tried what they had in those layers of the first Sony-Ericsson with Android so ugly, bad and trying to grab more than they could.


Here have been able to simplify it and make it much easier to use, allowing it to be the user who can add extras via widgets or applications without is imposed by the manufacturer.

The biggest news is that there are much greater integration with Jelly Bean, and even a little , we see more traces of this in several parts. Not too much, but the colors and menus are much more “Jellybeanizados”, and although it remains a proprietary interface, is quite discreet.

Yes, we back the day when manufacturers decide to leave Android with its own layer. Unfortunately this does not come, and is to be borne in mind that what you are looking for a manufacturer’s user loyalty, and its interface with Android changing every few minutes, require the user of a trademark feel identified with this, and the only is taking shape their own layer. A shame because they usually always lose in performance.

to  xperia-t-interface-02

And speaking of performance simply interface in hand, we can see how effective overall the Nexus 4 is more fluid than the Xperia Z. Both have same processor, same GPU and same RAM, but move through menus or search for a phone is faster in the first case. In this radically improves Xperia Z compared to Xperia T, but still this layer continues to create a noticeable extra lag. But hey, this is very fussy, is a fast terminal.


Soon I can tell on the performance of a terminal that has a Qualcomm chip MDM9215M. This leads into a CPU Qualcomm Krait 1.5GHz quad-core, Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB of RAM. If we had to say something about the performance would be a bad sign, because one assumes that a terminal with these features should work fine.

Indeed the Xperia Z is a very fluid in the terminal every day. We may put like paste that small but noticeable difference between having or not a proprietary interface, and that things like find a phone in the agenda note. It should be noted however that this is a small thing, and that is much improved over other terminals past. But for that we are here, to highlight even small faults.

bearing is very noticeable Jelly Bean, and the speed and fluidity when performing tasks is a big improvement over its model above, T. Xperia When we go to more powerful things like gaming or HD video playback, there is no problem, the Xperia Z defends perfectly.

Here are the results of Quadrant:



Huge, that’s the word. To get used to the idea, the Xperia S had a 4.3 “display, which increased to 4.55” in T Xperia, Xperia and the Z have been to 5 “. That means the increase of S to T was 5.8% and the T to Z almost 10%.

The display of the Xperia Z is a 5 “TFT with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. This huge screen resolution on a 5 “it leads to a density of 441 PPI, the greater the market. This is important because the higher the screen, the more difficult it is to achieve high density of pixels per inch, and this keeps terminal. Something like that means two things, the Xperia Z has an impressive resolution and that we can start preparing for competition similar things.

Here is a small comparison of densities with other smartphones on the market:

Sony Xperia T: 441 PPI

  • Sony Xperia S: 342 PPI
  • Apple iPhone 5: 326 PPI
  • Sony Xperia T: 323 PPI
  • HTC

  • One X: 312 PPI
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: 306 PPI
  • Of course, we must consider what is and is not is a mobile for that you may need a small screen because I you lose with the great. Great that Sony has solved the problem of putting a huge screen in a terminal without making awkward does not mean that a 5 “screen is for everyone. While it is true that increasingly tends to these sizes and allow you to enjoy the visual mutlimedia much more than on small screens, you may not need as much screen.

    One thing I say, I have followed the same trend as anyone could have followed. At first denying the usefulness and Needy screen that big, but it’s hard not to get used to it once you start using them, because they are really comfortable. In fact few people know that after using a big screen or have been finished unsatisfied need a little back.

    But of course, this depends on tastes and needs. All I ask is for you to try a screen of 4.7 “or more before saying they are too big and uncomfortable and are useless. I made the mistake of judging them before using them, and now I love them.


    Sony has once again made an excellent job on the camera with the Xperia Z. If we have to point out something in this terminal, it would surely be this, is that along with its huge screen of 5 “are the two things that attract the most attention. The camera of the Sony Xperia Z is one of the best that we can find on a smartphone, and not being too bold a statement, surely we could say that is the best. But let’s leave this to subjectivity, that is to stay with the best and have a look at the results.

    outdoor operation is very good, and it seems that Sony has left behind the excessive saturation I sinned in the front terminals. The colors and sharpness are very good, and is where more highlights:

    We can see that also achieved great results with cloudy skies and light characteristics much more Needs:

    A very interesting result can be seen in this photograph. It was taken in the morning, with the sun full upon giving a portion of the yard and the other in the shade. The light difference is huge, and Z camera Xperia behavior demonstrates a great dynamic range:

    Panorama mode that takes some time using Sony seems to have improved, and get attach a background image with the completely flat without any problem. Of course, only suitable for outdoors as much fault with nearby objects:

    And finally a photo in the dark, all-night, so you can see it gets pretty good images without introducing noise exorbitant amounts:

    Here you can see a gallery of all the images in true resolution as they left the camera , although here also have low resolution:

    sony-xperia-z-photography-08 sony-xperia-z-photography-05 sony-xperia-z-photography-04 sony-xperia-z-photography-10 sony-xperia-z-photography-11 sony-xperia-z-photography-13 sony-xperia-z-photography-01 sony-xperia-z-photography-02 sony-xperia-z-photography-06 sony-xperia-z-photography-07 sony-xperia-z-photography-09 sony-xperia-z-photography-03


    I have to admit that this section I was pretty scared. No doubt the sound quality of Xperia Z, but had doubts about developments in this area and that Sony will be to continue worrying about an issue that increasingly begins to forget more. And what’s funny is that when increasing the smartphone is the main music player.

    But nothing is further from reality, Sony itself has been preoccupied with taking care of the audio quality Xperia Z, and offers Round and crystalline sound.

    Translated into understandable language, this means that the sound of Z is careful in all frequency bands, ie, we have an excellent response you record without saturation media acute or annoying. The truth is that I love the sound of this terminal.

    Perhaps the only downside is, as seems to happen with all Android, that the maximum volume is not too high. When using headphones is very annoying, but when we use it for external devices, which is quite short. Even, and I return to it before, it does include when we use it with headphones. By using the maximum volumes always closer to a zone of distortion, and it would be more convenient to have a margin greater maximum volume allowed to listen to our liking to, for example, 75%.



    here we have what we call today the complete package. The Xperia Z has HSDPA connection up to 42 Mbps, Wi-Fi b / g / n, WiFi Direct and Bluetooth 4.0. It is worth recalling again the WiFi Direct, a great technology that we use very little and we could get much more out. To get used to the idea is as Bluetooth, but it works over WiFi. It allows us to transfer files from one device to directametne other WiFi without connecting to a router in between, with advantages in speed and distance from the Bluetooth.

    If you want to connect the Xperia Z we have to use a television as the microUSB output video and audio, as it has MHL technology, via an adapter that lets you do this. The other option is to use the dock we have discussed above, that by not requiring external connection off any of the tabs allows not only connect the charger, but also access the video and audio output, for example, watch a movie you have stored.

    to  sony-xperia-z-image-03

    But those are not the only ways to access the output video of the Xperia Z. This is the first handset to feature Sony Screen Mirroring technology, which allows you to create a WiFi network between the mobile and television and screen sharing first to the second without using an intermediate router. In that respect, the operation is similar to WiFi Direct, but can not do something that, share a screen. Everything we do on mobile what we see in real time on the TV screen. The good thing is that no Screen Mirroring is a proprietary technology from Sony, and any brand of televisions and phones can incorporate it, so do not need a Sony TV to take advantage of it.

    It is important to remember that we have a microSD slot. Maybe its 16GB of internal memory are not excessive and some users require more memory, but because we can introduce a microSD card is partially solved this problem.


    operation. Improving previous models but we remain at the mobile where the battery endurance expect no problem not a day, but 24 hours. And we talked about the day and time spent away from home, not as lasting 24 hours, and still no phone that can support the time-intensive.

     xperia-t -battery

    The battery problem is that they have decided to mount a 2330 mAh, when given the size of the terminal would have expected something higher. The performance is very good, but due to the large size of the screen is very noticeable increase in consumption. What we said, we can finish the day with a single charge, provided they do not abuse your big screen, which is where the problems begin.


    Sony has included in this new mode Z Xperia Stamina. Its operation is very simple, but the truth is that it is interesting, to be fully integrated and easy to use. What makes Stamina is blocking access to the Internet for all applications while the screen is off less than you include in a list.


    Global experience and conclusions

    Sony is one of the companies in the world of mobile phones is doing better and is worrying to improve how it has in the past, and that’s admirable. With the Xperia Z not only found a nice phone, well designed, light and resistant materials, but its performance is excellent.

    emphasize two things above all: the camera and display. The camera, with its Exmor R sensor and a lens that is up to the situation, get very good results and ranks as one of the best on a smartphone, working well in terms of good and bad light. As always, it is impossible to request perfect performance in low light for a camera with a lens so small, but within the limits of the possible find here a great performance.

     sony-xperia -z-image-02

    As for the screen, a huge diagonal 5″ is the letter of this new smartphone Japanese. Those who are against huge screens should test this phone for a while, and is getting enter this big screen in a really handy and lightweight body. We can not deny that large screens are not for all users, but for those who are seeking for, you will find in the Xperia Z certainly something that you really like.

    The only two bad parts come with the interface and updates, but they are small details that still worth mentioning. The interface makes it, in spite of taking Jelly Bean, find performance somewhat below what provides an interface Manufacturer unchanged in this version of Android as in the Nexus 4. Not much, but in normal use the phone lags are noticed extra small differences in loading some things. Yet this has been reduced drásitcamente compared to other models, and that’s a great story.


    The theme of the updates is something we can not predict, but what is certain is that Sony has improved this. In the past it was very bad, but for a time we are seeing that have chosen to offer the ultimate experience long before Andorid its users. We hope to continue this line and decide further improved, because it is one of the keys in the world of Google’s operating system.

    The Xperia Z is, undoubtedly, one of the leading candidates become the best phone of 2013, now just have to wait and see what they do from the competition. Especially interesting what will come from Samsung and LG.

    Sony Xperia Z: Analysis and user experience
    February 11, 2013

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