SoundSeeder a dolby surround with smartphone and tablet [Android]

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    If we use our mobile devices to play music and both our tablets and smartphones do with good quality, why spend more money on a device sound when we play music and amplify using the two devices?

    In order to optimize the world of music playback, discovered SoundSeeder, Android app that offers simultaneous playback of our songs in the Mobile and tablet and proposes to use to create surround sound. To begin, install Music Player on the device where you have stored the music, and it will create a user name to identify the other device, which in turn act as repeater-amplifier whenever we are connected with the two devices in the same WiFi.

    From that moment, the devices are automatically detected and begin playing the song while they reproduce in the Music Player. The interface of both applications is not very complex or highlight, and inform us of the song playing at the time with a display of “Now Playing”, but will have additional options for the app to show us the playlist or options as repeat, shuffle, etc.. and access to the music library by songs, artists, folders, gender and lists.

    To lose both applications and have player + amplifier, you can click on these links to and to download them for free GooglePlay, although the Music Player will only work on Android 4.1 devices. or later (instead, we use the amplifier on any Android 2.2 device. +).

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    SoundSeeder a dolby surround with smartphone and tablet [Android]
    September 4, 2013

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