Spain FOX keeps ’22 / 11/63 ‘, adaptation of Stephen King Hulu

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On 15 February, in the United States is the Presidents ‘Day, Hulu debuts there’ 11/22/63‘, his ambitious adaptation of Stephen King book of the same title. Starring James Franco and produced by Bad Robot, JJ company Abrams, how much the story of a man who travels back with a mission to stop the assassination of President Kennedy , in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

There is enough excitement around and Spanish viewers who want to know where they can see and do. FOX has been the allowances of ’22 / 11/63 ‘, which will be its title in Spain, although no official date for broadcast on that channel (it is noted that in spring will ). . Yes the series of eight episodes, as a great event, which also is promoting it as Hulu announced

’22 / 11/63 ‘is, of course The most publicized of which has so far released the VOD platform, owned by NBC, ABC and FOX project. So far, Hulu’s own production was geared more comedies , whether animation (as’ The Awesomes ‘) or live-action, where they have recently had some impact with’ Difficult people ‘and, above all,’ Casual‘, I was nominated for a Golden Globe.

The adaptation of Stephen King is his first own drama, to be followed by ‘The path ‘with Aaron Paul, and the company expected to go placing similar to Netflix and Amazon , its largest competitor level and so far, the leading edge in the production of fiction.

Tele Go! | ‘11.22.63’, promising final trailer for the adaptation of the novel by Stephen King

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’22 .11.63 ‘, First trailer for the highly anticipated adaptation of the novel by Stephen King

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’11 .22.63 ‘, Promising final trailer for the adaptation of the novel by Stephen King

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Spain FOX keeps ’22 / 11/63 ‘, adaptation of Stephen King Hulu
January 25, 2016