Spain, the fifth destination of investment in technology in Europe

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    • Precede Spain in the report submitted by the firm Atomico, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Sweden.
    • 36% of the founders of european companies in Spain claims that the regulation and tax are one of their major challenges.


    Spain is the fifth country in investments in firms of technology from foreign funds, with $ 800 million received in 2017 (672 million euros), according to a report presented Thursday by the firm Atomico.

    Proceed to Spain in the list is the United Kingdom (5,400 million dollars or 4.530 million euros in 2017), Germany (2,500 million dollars or 2,110 million), France (2,100 million dollars or 1.770 million euros) and Sweden ($ 900 million, or € 760 million).

    The firm international investment technology companies stresses in his annual report, which analyzes the status of the sector in the continent, that the number of developers in Spain increased in the last year of 228.304 to 268.149.

    Madrid is the fourth european centre for the amount of professional developers, according to data from Atomico. In London working 303.594 developers, in Paris 181.659 and in Moscow 144.488, while in the Spanish capital do 104.102.

    The document also notes an increase of the pay levels e indicates that the average salary of a software engineer in Barcelona is 40.800 $ (34.380 euros), in Berlin 59.700 $ (50.450 euros) and in London 54.800 lbs (46.311 euros).

    The capital investment in cutting-edge technology in Spain has been of 52,000 million dollars in 2017 (43.945 million euros), according to the company, while that between 2012 and 2016 was 195,000 million dollars (164.800 million euros).

    regulations of tax, the main challenge

    The investment firm notes that, according to a survey, 36% of the founders of european companies in Spain considers that the regulations of taxation are one of their main challenges, while 22 % cited the protection of data.

    In the south of Europe, 33% of those surveyed stated that the artificial intelligence must be the first objective of the sector, the 28 % believe that the focus should be on the criptomonedas % and 22% in the autonomous vehicles.

    Atomico ensures that Barcelona is the third european city favorite by entrepreneurs for founding “startups”, behind London and Berlin. He affirms, moreover, that Spain has, together with Germany, the technology ecosystem least centralized in Europe, with 32 % of the technology community located in the capital city of the country.

    In terms of capital invested per capita, Spain is located at the tail of Europe, 14 euros per capita, compared with 300 euros in Israel.


    Spain, the fifth destination of investment in technology in Europe
    November 30, 2017

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