Special Applications to order a taxi from your Android

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    Special order taxis android elandroidelibre

    One of the issues of the day are car sharing services are becoming more used both Spain and other countries. As expected, drivers and other professionals have the fuss and Development announced a few days your intention of taking action against these companies and their users .

    Platforms like Uber and Bla are in the spotlight. The American company has been one of the last to arrive to different Spanish cities of choice for shuttling a lower price than a taxi would charge, however it is considered as unfair competition and accused of intrusion . While, Bla has reassured its users saying that sharing travel costs between individuals is legal.

    Other Spanish company as Cabify quickly announced that they offer a service according to the law and that their drivers are not individuals but private drivers VTC operate with licenses (transport vehicles with driver) and also offer traditional taxi services.

     taxis request android

    What is clear is that the taxi drivers must adapt to changing times , his work is fundamental in all cities at any time and schedule. The rise of smartphones has made arising Apps of all kinds, such as those allowing taxis apply just a few taps on screen and drivers are increasingly available.

    Al Beyond these controversies, the truth is that much of the population is unaware of the existence of these services and still chose to use taxis lifetime to their transports. Therefore, we will do a review of all applications that facilitate the action of ordering a taxi from your Android , without calling switchboards and knowing at all times the career information.

    myTaxi – The Taxi App

    myTaxi is one of the applications to request taxis most downloaded and used in Android. Its operation is very simple, we create a free account from the app itself, you enable the GPS location and choose the options that interest us as appropriate (for example if you need a larger vehicle for several passengers and luggage or adapted a wheelchair).

    myTaxi app android

    Thanks to the geolocation can see on the map and live all taxis around us and the time it would take to our location. Also we can make taxi drivers as favorites, choose only the best rated or the price of the race in advance by entering the path.

    Currently, mytaxy is limited to two Spanish cities (Barcelona and Madrid ) and many other European and can book a taxi with up to 4 days in advance and benefit system valuation drivers which gives more confidence to users.

    Application Google Play


    Another application for taxis request from your Android is Hailo and this is the best type Apps valued by users on Google Play, getting anything less than a 4.7 about 5 points and nearly 15,000 reviews, figures very difficult to reach. Hailo is the essence of simplicity, it is possible to order a taxi in just a few taps.

     hailo Taxi

    Just place yourself on the map using GPS ask the taxi and go. You can see how the driver arrives in real time not having to wait in the street until then and since it allows Hailo App select the payment method (cash or card) and choose the tip percentage that let the driver. If you set up a credit card or debit pay directly with your smartphone what the taximeter, no extra costs and no need to bring up the portfolio and the bill will go to your email.

    Whether you need an adapted vehicle, and if you are a large group, you can choose those options before applying. Currently, Hailo serves Madrid and Barcelona with licensed and reliable taxi drivers, plus whether you are a regular user of this service and if you would like to try, here two coupons with 10 € discount you can enter in the app and are valid until August 31 ( EALMAD to Madrid EALBCN to Barcelona)

    Application in Google Play


    In the above, both the customers and the drivers must be installed with the appropriate application, however TaxiClick works differently. TaxiClick uses the network Taxis (over 40) so that the scope is much larger vehicles, providing up to 25,000 taxi drivers in service spread all countries which is compatible.

    taxiclick android

    The procedure is similar , we are located on the map, ask a taxi, the central issues the order exactly as if the phone and hail only hope. Can be displayed at all times request status and position Taxi . We also have options to choose from here adapted vehicles and payment.

    TaxiClick is available in many cities of the Spanish territory, you can check them all in your description by Play, as well as in some of Portugal, Italy or Germany.

    Application Google Play


    Not the first time we talked By-Taxi The Free Android and it also raw simplicity but without forgetting the ability to customize various aspects of the city. By-Taxi is an App for customers and other taxi drivers, suffice just 2 clicks to take a taxi on the way.

     by taxi caps 1

    Detects our location and nearby taxis at the time of the application can choose the number of passengers , collection time (allows book 3 days in advance), the method of payment or demand an adapted vehicle. By not using the radio taxi, the meter starts from the moment you climb and when the service have the ability to appreciate it.

    By-Taxi is available in over cabbies 70 cities throughout Spain , including the most important. You can download and view the list free from Play.

    Google Application Play


    continue with alternative Taxible also can request Taxis from your Android without any extra cost. Just download and install the App enable GPS to locate you or if you prefer to manually enter your address, calls a cab and go.


    Among the options to be chosen by the client are the mode of payment, if you make airport transfers if pets allowed, can choose the number of passengers or the time and date of collection, and add other indications in text.

    Taxible service is limited to Spain and only in some cities is 100% operating (Madrid , Valencia, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Murcia, Elche, Jerez de la Frontera and Sanlucar de Barrameda), but say they will soon be extended to more.

    Application Google Play


    PideTaxi is integrated with leading companies radiotaxi every Spanish city , so the service is secured 24 hours a day from your smartphone or tablet. It works the same way as the rest, detects our location and ordered a taxi, nothing more.


    Among its features is the estimate of what it will cost us the way , we can create favorite and frequent addresses, manage business accounts and schedule runs. With each application, you will know at all times the vehicle will pick you and your license number.

    Of course, we have at our disposal options to choose taxis certain payment methods and other observations adapted to suit the client.

    Application Google Play

    joinup Passenger Taxi – Taxi Share

    We got an application with similar functions but also tries to differentiate a bit giving the possibility of share the taxi with other people. joinup Taxi driver required to have the App and be discharged from the service, so their availability is variable. In single player, everything works as always, we located, choose some options and asked taxi.

     joinup shared taxi

    However, the interesting part of joinup is to share a taxi with strangers before they carry out a similar path. It introduces the various data necessary for the collection, as the number of packages, passengers, date, time and so on, at the time the application is responsible for searching mates within 3 blocks and want to make that journey in a strip of half an hour.

    If you find matches, it gives them the opportunity to join, so you can share equally the costs of the service, but you can always change a single trip. A good way to save money and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

    Application Google Play

    Cabify – Your Private Chauffeur

    Finally we leave Cabify a Spanish company also provides transportation services through private chauffeurs. As we mentioned in the beginning, Cabify wanted to explain to their users after news of possible complaints by Fomento, making it clear that their drivers are not particular drivers, but operate with licensed drivers VTC (transport vehicles with driver).

    Cabify android

    Not only that, since Cabify also works with taxi drivers who wish to offer the same services by conventional taxis. The operation is very similar: location, choose travel options, payment method (PayPal included) and ready. No on costs or supplements room, or holidays, or nocturnal.

    is currently available in Spanish cities Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, La Coruna, Bilbao and Vitoria, but also in Lima (Peru), Mexico City (Mexico) and Santiago (Chile).

    Application Google Play

    As you can see, many alternatives for the same action, order a taxi and easy fast anywhere right from your Android smartphone or tablet, no calls, no waiting, controlling all the variables of travel time and in some cases knowing the price in advance.

    Do you usually do Taxi rides? Have you used this type of Apps? In that case, what is your favorite and what do you think of Uber or Bla

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    Special Applications to order a taxi from your Android
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