Spectacular trailer of ‘Parasite’: the last winner of the Golden Palm aims to be the movie of the year

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    If yesterday I brought you the beautiful trailer ‘A Hidden Life’, the new Terrence Malick, after its passage through the Cannes film Festival, today we return to the load with a new development. In this case, it is the brand-new winner of the prestigious Golden Palm at the festival gallo ‘Parasite’directed by that genius Korean called Bong Joon-Ho.

    Next to the ‘once Upon a time in… Hollywood’, the ‘Parasite’ is, without a doubt, one of the best trailers I have seen lately. And is that, in just two minutes, manages to generate a tremendous atmosphere and put the candy in the mouth of the respectable with small strokes of talent sweeping of its maker at the time of shape shades of the most peculiar, and with a good number of drawings photographed to perfection by Kyung-pyo Hong.

    In his review from Cannes, the companion Caviaro defined as a cocktail which is dominated by the comedy twisted and in which there is room for the thriller, the family drama and the social critique, catalogándola as a lesson  master of mise en scene; big words in the case of a director who has given us gems from the likes of ‘The Host’ or ‘Mother’.

    ‘Parasite’, which counts among its cast with usual collaborator of Joon-Ho, Kang-ho Song, in addition to performers such as Lee Seon-gyun, Jang Hye-jin, Cho Yeo-jeong o, Choi Woo-sik, will arrive in Spanish cinemas the next October 11th, after you have leveled in your country of origin with a weekend debut in the race, which raised a whopping $ 25 million. 

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    Spectacular trailer of ‘Parasite’: the last winner of the Golden Palm aims to be the movie of the year
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    August 14, 2019

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