Split-screen and 23 other shortcuts that adds Edge Sense Plus framework estrujable of the HTC U11

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    The HTC U11 is giving better results than their previous generations at the level of sales, and is this terminal has been a remarkable change compared to its predecessor, and this the public has noticed and has rewarded the taiwanese manufacturer. The changes are not limited only to the design, but that we will also see improvements and some new features.

    One of them is HTC Edge Sense, about which we discussed several days ago. The taiwanese manufacturer wanted to that we harnessed their side edges without meter screen in that area, and, as many might have guessed, the development community has not taken to expand the functions of the framework estrujable with Edge Sense Plus, of which we shall speak below.

    Edgesenseplus 1

    first of all is to allow the application to work, to do this go to the settings and we will go into the section of Edge Sense. Once inside, we will choose the customization of pressure short or long (as we want), we will choose ‘Start application’ and seeccionamos ‘#Edge Sense Plus – Short Squeeze’ if the pressure is short or ‘#Edge Sense Plus – Long Squeeze’ if it is the long run.

    After this we’ll go to the application Edge Sense Plus and we are able to customize the different pressures. It is to be noted that for some areas there are that enable some permissions in specific, although there is not any suspect. The main advantage of this application is that it offers a number of additional functionalities.

    Edgesenseplus 2

    There are a total of 27 features from which to choose (including those that require root because, yes, you can give root access to the app). Some of them may be to open a sidebar, to access the split screen or make use of a shortcut to, for example, make a call to a contact or write a mail just with press the edges.

    Edgesenseplus 3

    There are other functions, such as dual pressure or part of the customization of the sidebar, that require you to purchase the premium version, which is worth 2,99 € . No announcement whatsoever within the application and, if you want to see comments about it, the developer has opened a thread in XDA where it shows your app. What do you think of Edge Sense Plus?

    Edge Sense Plus

    Edge Sense Plus

    In Xataka Android | Six things I like and three things I don’t like the HTC U11

    The news split Screen and 23 other shortcuts that adds Edge Sense Plus framework estrujable of the HTC U11 was originally published in Xataka Android by Santiago Luque .

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    Split-screen and 23 other shortcuts that adds Edge Sense Plus framework estrujable of the HTC U11
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    July 27, 2017

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