Spotify, Facebook, and Reddit vetoes racist after the riots in Charlottesville

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    Demonstration of white supremacists

    more and more american companies that have decided to position itself fully against groups, white supremacists and neo-nazis after the attack of Charlottesville last Saturday.

    The platform of music in streaming Spotify has decided to withdraw the groups that promote and support the ideology of supremacismo white and racism. The bands vetoed is included inside of the list that was developed three years ago, the Southern Poverty Law Center, an association in favor of civil rights.

    A spokesman for the company has been explained to the portal Billboard in a press release that the aggregators of content to the internet such as Spotify are “primarily responsible” for the content that you have, including illegal content or material that incites violence against a race, religion, or sexuality. We will not tolerate it”.

    social networks Facebook, and Reddit have also been added to this veto, banning hate groups in their platforms that promote racist behaviour.

    Reddit had to ban this week the thread /Physical_ Removal by the amount of violent message or that echoed of racist ideologies and neo-nazis.

    According to a spokesperson for the social network account to the portal CNet: “In the conditions of service of our site we are very clear in emphasizing that the post content that incites violence will that prohibit the presence of these users in Reddit. We have banned /Physical_Removal due to violations of our content policies”.

    Paypal has also stated that it will ensure that all transactions made on their platform, not in use to make donations or promote hate, violence, or racial intolerance.


    Spotify, Facebook, and Reddit vetoes racist after the riots in Charlottesville
    August 16, 2017

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