‘Star Wars’ have a tv station itself in Movistar

Star Wars: The Awakening of the Force

The Dec. 18 hit theaters la anticipated film ‘ Star Wars: The Awakening of force ‘and Disney are doing everything possible so that the billionaire buying Lucasfilm them out as profitable as possible. However, its latest move in Spain is something I did not expect, and it has reached an agreement with Telefónica to create Movistar Canal + Star Wars .

Yes The channel will be ephemeral facing the premiere of the seventh episode of the galactic saga created by George Lucas. With that in mind it is understandable that have decided on temporarily dispense with Canal + DCine for your position on the dial Movistar is occupied by Star Wars. The announcement was made today at the Film Festival of San Sebastian and is already active, albeit with some trick.

The specific details of the channel


Movistar + Star Wars has started broadcasting today 16 hours without interruption throughout the order week. What we see are the six films in the series, different pieces of how they are made, the presentation of the seventh during the last Comic-Con and several documentaries on various aspects of the franchise.

The next weekend the move will be repeated, and then things will return to normal until two weeks before the premiere of ‘ Star Wars: The Awakening Force ‘, and then a pop-up channel focused exclusively appears in the series and we can see what has been discussed above and additional new content, including several spaces of own production. All this will be available in video on demand

By the way, the rights to broadcast open of ‘Star Wars:. The awakening of force ‘have been acquired by Mediaset . How you apostáis to use as a weapon of mass destruction against a big bet Atresmedia

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In Vaya Tele! | Guía series of ‘Star Wars’ in the ‘Star Wars Day’

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‘Star Wars’ have a tv station itself in Movistar
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