‘Star Wars ‘Resistance’, first trailer and a release date of the new series in the anime style of the series

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    Star Wars-Resistance

    it Seems that in the era of peak TV Disney is giving it everything when exploit one of your “hens that laid the golden egg” as it ‘Star Wars‘. Among their plans are the return of ‘The Clone Wars’ and a series of real action. But before you reach the premiere of ‘Star Wars ‘Resistance’, their new animated series that already has a trailer and release date.

    Set in the time immediately prior to ‘Star Wars Ep. VII: the awakening of force’, in ‘Star Wars ‘Resistance’ we will learn of the adventures of Kazuda Xiono, a young pilot, who joins the resistance and is designated as the Colossus under the command of Poe Dameron. There will work as a mechanic, but his true and secret mission is to be a spy and inform on the threat of the First Order.

    The series will premiere on Sunday October 7 the Disney Channel and then begin airing on Disney XD. All of this in the US, of course. In Spain we still do not know how to reach this new series of Star Wars, although I imagine that will be done through the Disney channel in our country. Of time the company has published a first trailer in which we can see the paints that have:

    I admit that I expected something more epic in the trailer and this style of pseudoanime I have not finished to convince. But well, here you have to trust that the story is good and having in mind that behind with Dave Filoni, and great part of the team responsible for the department of animation of Star Wars, so I trust them.

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    ‘Star Wars ‘Resistance’, first trailer and a release date of the new series in the anime style of the series
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    August 19, 2018

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