‘Star Wars: Seed dark’, the amazing short made by spaniards, which has cost 300 euros


Like more or less, but the importance of Star Wars it is indisputable. And I am not referring only to the movies ficiales of the saga, as it is also the source of inspiration for many followers of the same wish to contribute their little grain of sand. There are better and worse, but today has called the attention of one of those fan films. It is titled ‘Star Wars: Seed dark’ and has been made by Spanish people with a budget of just 300 euros.

‘Star Wars: Seed dark’ takes us to the year 1010 BBY, where the Brotherhood of Darkness is wreaking havoc with the inability of the republic to meet them. The jedi are not prepared to let the sith get away with it, what are the Army of the Light. The war is imminent, and both want to be with young people sensitive to the force to join your side. In this scenario, comes a striking rumor the Jedi and not take time to investigate it….

Directed by David G. Pelta and Toni Prado, ‘Star Wars: Seed dark’ was conducted during a period of three months, one devoted to the pre-production, two in post-production, and just three days for the shoot itself.

The result is amazing, especially in the scenes of fight with lightsabers, since there are moments when I would have believed that that was part of one of the adventures that you are doing lately Disney.

As is normal, not everything in ‘Star Wars: Seed dark’ is at the same level -the dialogues are quite upgradable, but neither are they too many, so I’m not going to complain too much for that-, but I’d love to see what you could make your responsible with a budget of more comfortable and enough time to do everything to your liking.

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The news ‘Star Wars: Seed dark’, the amazing short made by spaniards, which has cost 300 euros was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


‘Star Wars: Seed dark’, the amazing short made by spaniards, which has cost 300 euros
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