Stardew Valley will release on PS Vita

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    Is ‘cross buy’ with the PS4.

    Stardew Valley will come to PS Vita, has been announced by the developer in its official website.

    The team talks about the interest in this platform and announces that it is in place. will Arrive next year and will be cross-buy, therefore the buyers of the PlayStation version 4 will be able to download it also on PS Vita at no cost -and in turn, the buyers of PS Vita will automatically receive the PS4-.

    The only difference mentioned for the laptop is that is discarded include the update multiplayer.


    Stardew Valley is a game in which we will have to manage a farm, inheritance of our grandfather, ordering us to monitor crops, crops and facilities, and which implies that kind of a mixture between Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, although with a visual style more in two dimensions close to western tastes.

    Stardew Valley will release on PS Vita

    Stardew Valley will release on PS Vita
    December 8, 2017

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