Starts shooting the adaptation of the bestseller ‘Good morning, princess, “Blue Jeans

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    • Atresmedia has announced the start of filming club misunderstood , successful adaptation Good morning, princess , Blue Jeans.
    • ‘s starring a cast of young actors, with Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth ) and Patrick Criado (Spanish great family ) between them.
    • The movie hits UK cinemas on Christmas 2014 DeAPlaneta hand.

    • digital Meet Blue Jeans .

     Protagonists of the misunderstood Club

    Good morning, princess , the first title in the trilogy club misunderstood , the writer Blue Jeans (pseudonym of Francisco de Paula), has taken the first step become a movie .

    Atresmedia announced the start of filming This adaptation of bestseller , which film will be titled club misunderstood . It will be the first feature film directed by Carlos Venues, producer of television series as successful as Hispania , Grand Hotel or Velvet .

    The film stars a group of young actors , consisting of Charlotte Vega ( The Secret of Old Bridge ), Ivana Baquero (winner of a Goya Pan’s Labyrinth ), Alex Maruny ( Promotion Ghost ), Michelle Calvó ( Welcome to Lolita ), Andrea Trepat ( Grand Hotel ), Jorge Clemente ( Last Circus ), Iria del Río ( Amar in times scrambled ), Alvaro Diaz ( In apathy ), Paula Muñoz ( Stolen Children ) and Patrick Criado (nominated for a Goya for Best Newcomer The great Spanish family ).

    With a screenplay by Ramon Campos, Gema R. Neira, Christopher Adolfo Garrido and value, the history of the club misunderstood focuses on Valeria (Charlotte Vega), a young who just moved to Madrid after the separation of their parents . In her new school, Valeria is forced to attend a meeting with the counselor to also attend other classmates.

    What at first seem a bad start for the new existence of Valeria, becoming just the beginning of an incredible life experience . New friendships, a city full of possibilities, first love and intense experiences that will forever change the lives of this new group of friends.

    Juvenile literature Success

    Produced by Bamboo Productions ( Velvet , Grand Hotel , Gran Reserva ) and Atresmedia Cinema, club misunderstood hit Spanish theaters on Christmas 2014 DeAPlaneta hand.

    The film will be shot in different locations in the province of Madrid and Galicia aims to follow in the footsteps Recent titles like Three Meters Above the Sky or I feel like you , leading again to film a youth literary phenomenon published by Editorial Planeta, with over 200,000 copies sold .


    Starts shooting the adaptation of the bestseller ‘Good morning, princess, “Blue Jeans
    April 27, 2014

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