Starts the mode High (Remix) in Grand Theft Auto Online

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    Until the 15 of October.

    The way High (Remix) is now available in Grand Theft Auto Online, the mode online of Grand Theft Auto V. This is the new version of the mode Opponent Sumo classic.

    “The safe zone is still the only form of don’t be flames, but this time it moves, and will decrease every time the time runs out,” says Rockstar.

    this way, players may enter any of the 7 sands new High (Remix) from now to October 15, and will be able to earn double GTA$ and RP.

    on the other hand, Rockstar points out that, in addition to the rewards double in High (Remix), client jobs and battles commercial Terrorbyte will continue offering double GTA$ and RP until the 8th of October.

    New rewards and offers in GTA Online

    When you enter GTA Online, players will be able to unlock the white t-shirt from Ammu-Nation and the yellow t-shirt of Warstock.

    in Addition, different vehicles will offer a discount of up to 40%. Among them is included the Nagasaki Shotaro, Ocelot Stromberg to immerse ourselves in the waters, or a selection of luxury vehicles and armed:

    • Nagasaki Shotaro: 40 % discount
    • theOcelot Penetrator: 40 % discount
    • Pegassi Infernus Classic: 40 % discount
    • theOcelot Stromberg: 30 % discount
    • Overflod Entity XXR: 30 % discount
    • Coil Raiden: 30 % discount
    • Vapid Flash>: 30 % discount
    • Vapid Caracara: 30 % discount
    • BF Ramp Buggy: 40 % discount
    • JoBuilt Phantom Wedge: 40 % discount
    • HVY Menacer: 25 % discount
    • Bravado Half-Track: 40 % discount
    • HVY Chernobog: 30 % discount
    • Operations Center Mobile: 30 % discount

    The lovers of the combats in the heavens can be made with a series of aircraft armed with up to 40% discount also:

    • V-65 Molotok: 40 % discount
    • RM-10 Bombushka: 40 % discount
    • FH-1 Hunter: 40 % discount
    • Mammoth Thruster: 30 % discount
    • Mammoth Avenger: 30 % discount

    it should be noted that if the vehicles have two prices, the discount applies to both on Buy it now as the special prices.

    on the other hand, there are also rebates on infrastructure that we can purchase to set up our empires of the crime. Up to 50% off we can find in all of the properties business until the 8th of October:

    • Clubs: 25 % discount
    • Hangars: 40 % discount
    • Workshop of the hangar: 40 % discount
    • Bunkers: 40 % discount
    • Offices: 50 % discount
    • Garages to offices: 30 % discount
    • Headquarters of the club of bikers: 50 % discount

    And, as you have to be to the last, there are also discounts on clothing and tattoos:

    • Clothing Smuggler”s Run: 30 % discount
    • Clothing from the Blow of Judgment: 30 % discount
    • Tattoos of Imports/Exports: 30 % discount
    • Tattoos Biker: 30 % discount

    For more information, we invite you to visit the official website in the following link.

    Start mode High (Remix) in Grand Theft Auto Online

    Start mode High (Remix) in Grand Theft Auto Online

    Start mode High (Remix) in Grand Theft Auto Online

    Start mode High (Remix) in Grand Theft Auto Online

    Start mode High (Remix) in Grand Theft Auto Online

    Starts the mode High (Remix) in Grand Theft Auto Online
    October 3, 2018

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