StayGo of TwelveSouth a USB hub-C portable

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    TwelveSouth has launched this week a new accessory called StayGo, a USB hub-C portable that you can add I/O ports to the MacBook USB-C.

    The fixture uses a single port USB-C on the Mac laptop and it works as a hub to a USB-a port C with a step of power, HDMI, three USB ports-A, gigabit Ethernet, microSD, and SD. It is small in size and can easily be transported along with the MacBook.

    unlike other USB hubs-C, StayGo does not have a built-in connector, but if it includes a cable of a meter that plugs into the side of the unit, offering the flexibility of placing the StayGo away from the MacBook and avoid the bunch of cables. In addition to this long cable, also included is a short cable for travel. The cable is hidden within the hub when not in use

    StayGo you can already acquire to the Web site of TwelveSouth, on the box it includes the hub, the short cable travel, and the cable for the desktop of a meter. Has a price of 99.99 dollars.


    StayGo of TwelveSouth a USB hub-C portable
    July 26, 2019

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