Steelbook of ‘Believe’, complete series of ‘Entourage’ and doormat of Star Wars in our Hunting Bargains

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    Another week is about to be back and in Espinof that corresponds to our traditional reviewed to the best deals on the world of film and television these last few days. The menu for this week includes the steelbook of ‘Believe’, the whole series of ‘Entourage’ and a funny doormat of Star Wars. Let’s go there!


    • Steelbook Creed’: the enjoyable spin-off -and-sequel – of the saga created by Sylvester Stallone for which the actor came on to be nominated again for an Oscar. Do not be afraid that either the French edition, it includes both audio and subtitle in Spanish: 9,30 euros

    • Steelbook ‘In the name of the father’ on blu-ray: a good opportunity to get with the Italian edition in high definition that includes metal case and the same disc that is sold in Spain: 13,54 euros

    • ‘The price of power’ on blu-ray with book Moleskine: another one of those issues that have not sold as expected and you can now get it at a price interesting: 9,90 eur

    • ‘Nightcrawler’ on blu-ray: I still don’t understand that the Oscar would go to the extraordinary portrayal of Jake Gyllenhaal in this remarkable film that you can now get very good pricing on high-definition 7.99 euros

    • Steelbook of ‘Master and Commander’ blu-ray: the critically acclaimed film by Peter Weir starring Russell Crowe in a neat edition in metal box: 9,29 euros


    • ‘Entourage’, complete series on dvd : 34,99 eur

    • Steelbook of ‘The mystery of Salems Lot’: the celebrated adaptation of the Stephen King novel made by Tobe Hooper in Spain tried to sell us with the title of ‘”Phantom ” 2’: 12.75 euros

    • ‘House’, complete series on blu-ray: the better option to get the complete series led by Hugh Laurie in hd is the English edition that includes both audio and subtitle in Spanish: 49,89 eur

    • ‘The Flash,’ the first season on blu-ray: the best season by far of the best series of superhero of The CW. And at this price consider it worth done with it: 17 euro

    • ‘Charlie’s Angels’, series complete on dvd: this pack has a great price, but for some it will be a paste important that only the first two seasons include dubbing and subtitles in Spanish: 15,89 euros


    • Doormat of Star Wars: a good addition to the home of any lover of the saga created by George Lucas. The only downside is that neighbor you like and decide to keep it…: 10,90 eur

    • Doll Hulk:a sympathetic figure belonging to the line Mighty Muggs dedicated to the powerful alter ego of Bruce Banner: 11,59 euros

    • Funko Pop Mr. Meeseeks: the key character in my favorite episode of ‘Rick and Morty’ also has its cabezon within the popular dolls from Funko: 8,17 eur

    • Box of music ‘La La Land’: for the lovers of the tape starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Includes the famous song ‘City of Stars’ 14,85 euros

    • piggy Bank of Batman: a good way to encourage you to go saving those coins that do not know what to do and you’ll have a curious figure based on the vigilante of Gotham in the tv version of Adam West: 18,50 €

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    The news Steelbook of ‘Believe’, complete series of ‘Entourage’ and doormat of Star Wars in our Hunting Bargains was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    Steelbook of ‘Believe’, complete series of ‘Entourage’ and doormat of Star Wars in our Hunting Bargains
    June 17, 2018

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