Steelbook of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, complete series of ‘Friends’ socks and geeks in our Hunting Bargains

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    Steelbook of 'Bohemian Rhapsody', complete series of 'Friends' socks and geeks in our Hunting Bargains

    Sunday could not come to an end without our Hunting for Bargain, the section of Espinof in which we review the best offerings in the world of film and television this week. Today you will find, among other proposals, the steelbook of ‘Boheamin Rhapsody’, the complete series of ‘Friends’ and a pack of socks geeks. Let’s go there!

    • Steelbook of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on blu-ray: a must-have for all lovers of this successful biopic: 19.99 euro

    • ‘Muse’ on blu-ray: not had the expected success, but for sure more than one enjoyed this film from Jaume Balagueró, and will want in their collection: 7,49 euros

    • 2×1 in UHD from Sony: a great opportunity for those who are going to make the jump to this physical form, probably the latter by the remarkable rise of streaming: Pays one, you take two

    • ‘The incredibles 2’ on blu-ray: to those who were patiently waiting for its price to be more attractive, as can be leaving you can do this: 9,95 eur

    • ‘Porco Rosso’ on blu-ray: one of the titles most beloved of studio Ghibli in a complete edition in high definition: 8,99 eur

    • ‘Friends’, complete series on blu-ray: one of the best television comedies of all time that is also conquering the new generations: 54,85 eur

    • ‘The Blacklist’ season 1 on dvd: at this price it is hard not to give it a try if you have one pending and it’s an excuse really cool for your fans to start the collection: 3 euros

    • ‘Paw Patrol 1: patrol canine’: one of the productions aimed at an audience of children, most popular of the decade: 7.99 euros

    • ‘Harfields & McCoys’, complete series on blu-ray: the acclaimed mini-series with Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton as you can get to a price pretty nice: 9,95 eur

    • ‘Summer blue’, series complete on dvd: the nostalgia will make you succeed in using this series as a gift, or duces: 23,99 eur


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    The news Steelbook of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, complete series of ‘Friends’ socks and geeks in our Hunting Bargains was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    Steelbook of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, complete series of ‘Friends’ socks and geeks in our Hunting Bargains
    June 9, 2019

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