Steelbook of ‘Terminator Genesis’, complete series of ‘MacGyver’ and layers of ‘Harry Potter’ in our Hunting Bargains

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    Steelbook of 'Terminator Genesis', complete series of 'MacGyver' and layers of 'Harry Potter' in our Hunting Bargains

    One more Sunday we went on time to our appointment with Hunting for Bargain after an absence the last week for reasons that do not now come to the case. As you will recall, in this section, we review the best offerings in the world of film and television these last few days.

    This week you will find, among other items, the steelbook of ‘Terminator Genesis’, the full series of ‘MacGyver’ and layers of ‘Harry Potter’. Let’s go there!

    • Steelbook of ‘Terminator Genesis’ on blu-ray: I will never tire of saying that it is much more interesting than what was said in his time, and surely I’m not the only one that thinks so: 11,47 eur

    • Steelbook ‘In the name of the father’ on blu-ray: the celebrated movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis in a neat edition in metal box: 12,72 eur

    • ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ on blu-ray: it seems like a good time to be with her and revisionarla before the premiere of the highly anticipated ‘Endgame’: 11,95 eur

    • Steelbooks offer: bear in mind that they are English editions, so that only some include audio or subtitles in Spanish: 17,99 €

    • 2×1 on Disney and Pixar: they are not all the titles published, but the selection is sufficiently generous as to make it worthwhile to take a look: 2×1

    • ‘MacGyver’, series complete on dvd: in this case better to run away from the Spanish edition, since the English one includes the same content and is always much better the price: 35,75 euros

    • ‘viper black’ series complete on dvd: one of the best television comedies of the story and a series that everyone should see once in your life: 12.99 a €

    • 30% in series to FOX: there is to buy at least two, that is the only downside of this promotion: 30% discount

    • ‘The trotamúsicos’, series complete on dvd: a classic child of the childhood of a multitude of people who may want to retrieve it now: 18,91 euros

    • ‘Game of Thrones’ pack seasons 1-7 on blu-ray: the majority may prefer to wait longer for the pack with the complete series, but just in case: 75 euros

    • Layers of HArry Potter: an ideal gift for any lover of the franchise created by J. K. Rowling: 10,99 euros each

    • Set of cups of ‘Rick and Morty’: Mr. Meeseeks is my favorite character of this series and I am convinced that many more worship him, so this is a good buy for them: 13 euros using the code GIFTBOX

    • Funkon Pop of Norman Bates: the bobble head from Funko arrive until almost any site imaginable, and now it is the turn of the legendary killer, played by Anthony Perkins: 9,95 eur

    • Mystery minis of ‘Coconut’: new ration of these nice boxes surprise, which means that one can not choose what you are going to come out: 5,99 eur

    • the Monopoly of ‘The lord of the rings’: a mixture of surprising, but hey, it sure is equally as entertaining as the original: 38,37 eur

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    The news Steelbook of ‘Terminator Genesis’, complete series of ‘MacGyver’ and layers of ‘Harry Potter’ in our Hunting Bargains was originally published in by Mikel Zorrilla .

    Steelbook of ‘Terminator Genesis’, complete series of ‘MacGyver’ and layers of ‘Harry Potter’ in our Hunting Bargains
    March 24, 2019

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