Steep available for free on the digital store uPlay

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    The video game may be downloaded and stored in the digital library forever until the 21st of may.

    Ubisoft has announced that Steep, your game of extreme sports snow in the world open, it is freely available in his shop uPlay. The promotion ends on 21st of may, so if you want to have it forever in your PC, do not let it to the last minute. The only requirement to achieve this and adding you to our digital library is to have a profile or account on uPlay.

    Steep is a game of extreme sports that takes us to the Alps, being able to toggle between a camera in first and third-person to deliver all kind of tests in a world wide open. The game is also aimed at the multiplayer, being able to compete on the fly against other players. Offers many disciplines such as the ski snowboarding, a wingsuit or glider. Told with an expansion, which offered games and olympic disciplines.

    Ye here our analysis.

    Steep available for free on the digital store uPlay

    Steep available for free on the digital store uPlay
    May 16, 2019

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