‘Stranger things’ already has to vinyl dolls, the image of the week

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    Netflix does not publish its audience numbers, but if we trust the noise generated in social networks, it seems clear that ‘ Stranger things ‘has been a success for the platform . Among the búsquedas references to films of the 80s, the magazine profiles Winona Ryder or collective obsession side as Barb, the series has not stopped being in the zeitgeist , as would the Anglos , since its release in mid-July.

    One of the latest examples of this impressive reception given to the public are vinyl dolls designed a fan as Kibooki , designer Vinyl Idolz Funko collection, the company that sells the famous dolls Pop! It began with the figure of Eleven you see above, and has finished designing dolls for almost all the protagonists, Demogorgon included.

    Eleven Demogorgon

    Mike, and an adorable Demogorgon Eleven.

    Dustin Lucas

    Dustin and Lucas.

    Will Barb

    Will and, of course, . Barb

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    ‘Stranger things’ already has to vinyl dolls, the image of the week
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    August 13, 2016

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