Street Fighter V detailing the contents of its next update

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    They penalize the phenomenon known as ‘Rage Quitting’.
    Capcom has revealed, through its official blog , the innovations that come with the update August Fighter V

    the solution to the phenomenon of Rage Quitters

    Capcom confirms that the phenomenon of rage quit -focused in those players who are disconnected before a loss is accounted for in your profile-, will finally solution. Also, various details have advanced, and developments, as Fight Money Double day. Fighter Street Fighter V for V , which will your server maintenance on August 16 , will incorporate penalties in the form of League Points and prohibitions temporary or bans connection for each item and disconnection to be performed in a search after users delete Rage Quitters .

    Capcom will get even tougher players disconnections. 2017 will incorporate new measures.

    Capcom, which states that the phenomenon has been declining gradually, he believes that this measure will reduce it even more . But they will not stay there. The company is working on a more complex, robust and solid system due out early next year.

    Upgrading September

    While awaited update arrives August, Capcom has gone further and has offered a preview of what will come in September to Street Fighter V . Among them, the so-called Double Fight Money event, which will feature extra amounts in games ranking . This special event is scheduled its inception on September 2 and will end on 4 month

    But not the only novelty. Fighter Street Fighter V for V incorporate a option VS against the CPU, daily challenges and new rewards Fight Money, profile updates and additional colors for the six downloadable characters. What is more, the so-called costumes premium have variants , and come in packs that can be purchased with real cash money or FM. You have more details . here

    Street Fighter V is now available in PlayStation 4 and PC . Since its launch, the title has received content on a regular basis, including a story, new characters and so many technical improvements.
     Street Fighter V detailing the contents of its next update

    Street Fighter V detailing the contents of its next update
    August 15, 2016

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