Studies from around the world come together to help child victims of war

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    They release a pack of games with the NGO War Child.
    A group of game development studios have decided to unite to offer a compilation of games with which to help raise funds children who are victims of war.
    be a kind of jam , ie, studies will be concentrated over a period of time to create videogames, . who will join a pack
    The jam world will last six days and the pack is called Help: Real War is Not a Game and will be published by href=”” War Child, an NGO based in the UK aimed at helping children in war. The pack will be launched next year.
    The teams that have joined the initiative so far are as follows and among them are those responsible for franchises such as , or Football Manager , among others: 343 Industries, The Creative Assembly, Sports Interactive, Curve Digital, Bossa, Spilt Milk Studios, Team 17, hardlight, Carbon Games, Torn Banner and Hinterland . It is hoped that more development teams can still join.
    The activities of the NGO War Child are actions to Rehabilitate child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the creation of children’s help lines Afganist├ísn, creating spaces for Syrian refugees, etc.


    Studies from around the world come together to help child victims of war
    September 5, 2015

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