Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission debuts trailer

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    Second video game for the Nintendo Switch.

    Bandai Namco offers us a new video of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. This is the second official trailer that the company publishes.


    The game will be launched in Japan, the April 4, but has not been confirmed yet its publication in the rest of the world. The title has appeared on some catalogs of stores in Europe, but there has been no official announcement for the moment.

    The title will enable you to find games loose against fighters of a similar level, that is to say, matchmaking. you will Also have battles per rank.

    The game will offer, also, battles, with specific rules that are renewed in cycles of two hours to promote all kinds of variants of the game.

    finally, it is confirmed that it will allow local struggles to two players, but will require two consoles, Nintendo Switch. Has not been detailed if there will be another form of local multiplayer or if this refers in particular to the use of the console in portable mode.

    Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission premieres trailer

    Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission debuts trailer
    December 22, 2018

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