Superbeam, transfer multiple files at once between Androids with WiFi Direct

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    Superbeam Baner

    Share in Android is as easy there, since we in itself can send almost any file to almost any application in a few clicks , but Sometimes we want to share multiple files with another device instead of an application.

    had Yesteryear enough technology used for file transfer called BT , and although still force, now this technology is used for other things not to transfer files as such (as when phones are concerned), but there it is.

    With the advent of wireless and NFC recently, transferring files has become really fast, and if we mix the features of the new smartphones, it becomes even more comfortable.

    Superbeam, QR’s transfer or NFC

    SuperBeam1 Now you do not need to share files one by one, but we can select we like to share them all at once . How? Really easy, with Superbeam . The peculiarity is that this program allows us to share files just by scanning a QR code. What it does is transfer files using WiFi technology Direct , which makes things easier because you do not need to be connected to any network for it. In case we do not have WiFi Direct, yes it will be necessary that the two devices are connected to the same WiFi network,

    It is as simple as using a file browser, select the ones you want to share, Superbeam click on and wait for it to generate the QR. Then with the device we want to receive the code files scanned and ready . We hope that the transfer is complete and we have the files on your phone.

    Alternatively, NFC can also share, but here I do not see much use because it works like the NFC that comes standard , and here I leave a video illustrating operation.

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    Superbeam, transfer multiple files at once between Androids with WiFi Direct
    July 4, 2013

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