Sweet Sins, a colorful endless runner featuring adorable capital sins

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    Sweet Sins

    Although normally genres as runner infinite usually have a specific audience, there are times when you developers as Madrid Platonic Games tries to give them a round blade with a specific design or a different mechanics and they can get reach a different audience that are not normally interested by gender.

    That is what represents Sweet Sins, a game that gets some of the mechanics of the typical vertical endless runner but to which is added a designs “kawaii” and a good repertoire of accessories with which we can equip our characters, each inspired by one of the seven deadly sins

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    The mechanics of the title has too many complications. Our character continually rise, and we will have to move from one place to another for Dodge objects and collect stars , or make swipe upwards to pass through walls or attack a colorful and equally well designed repertoire of enemies. Sweetsins

    As we go collecting stars and defeating opponents, we will begin filling a bar that upon completion will lead to a colorful screen bonus . In addition, our tour also find different objects that we temporarily give special attacks that go a little faster and killing all the enemies on the screen.

    As we have said before, with all the stars we go picking on the way we buy items that will improve our features, develop the skills of the characters to make it easier for us to improve ourselves, or unlock any of the sins adorable capital of the catalog, each . of them with their own special powers

    Sweet Sins

    Sweet Sins version 2.0

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    • Android version: 2.3 and higher versions
    • Developer: Platonic Games
    • Download it at: Google Play
    • Price: Free, but with integrated shopping
    • Category: Arcade

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    Sweet Sins, a colorful endless runner featuring adorable capital sins
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    April 23, 2015

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