SwiftKey 7.0 for Android: the keyboard opens toolbar and creator of stickers

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    The keyboard SwiftKey is renewed in its major upgrade to the version 7.0 from today is available all over the world is now available for download on Google Play.

    Four novelties are the novelties that we find in SwiftKey 7.0, one of them being a major redesign in its interface that well was missing the keyboard. We review the new features:



    The revamped keyboard is debuting a new toolbar that the user will be able to deploy and leave it fixed by tapping the “+” symbol that appears at the left of the bar predictions.

    In this new toolbar, the user will be always accessible, GIFs, stickers, settings, topics, or the clipboard. Before to access most of the options had to be opening his menu to hide the keyboard. Now we can write and have those shortcuts always visible.

    Creator stickers


    The stickers come SwiftKey accompanied by its own “editor”… This editor stickers is no more than an image editor, since it only allows us to select an image from our gallery to add text. It will be saved as if they were a pack of stickers.

    Creator Stickers

    supported languages

    SwiftKey now allows us to write to 28 new languages. You can view the complete list of languages supported in your support page.

    Share location (Only in the US and India)

    finally, users in the united States and India will find a fourth new in SwiftKey, and it is that will be able to share your location from the new toolbar.


    Keyboard Swiftkey

    More information | Swiftkey
    Xataka Android | How to customize the keyboard Gboard in Android

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    SwiftKey 7.0 for Android: the keyboard opens toolbar and creator of stickers
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    March 15, 2018

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