SwiftKey also want to be on your desktop with a very curious launcher: Hexy

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    Swiftkey es well-known for his keyboard but beyond this application, has an incubator of projects for other apps and services. Today they released a very curious, Hexy. Accustomed to formal launchers like Nova, Apex, the Google Now, etc. Today we will see something totally different, a proposal curiosity, something strange but also very interesting .

    Hexy Launcher proposes, as its name implies, base our desktop hexes . Instead of the classic grid grill where we put different icons and widgets, they propose us to leave this part of our mobile in their hands so that we organize it automatically. We’ve tested and the truth is that has surprised us but still has to mature


    Beyond traditional desktops

    Set Hexy It is very simple . Google downloaded the application and open to Play, then select this as the main application launcher on your phone or tablet. Done this we see that our desk has become a handful of hexagons. We can move your finger to go forth and go locating all the applications we have installed.

    The order that makes the application is automatic. What is it based? While some android launchers used the type of app to sort them into categories, what they are used here are the colors . Yes, depending on the icon and its dominant hue will sort everything we have installed. Curious yet very visual time as it helps us to find everything very quickly.

    Beyond that panel that make all our applications, we have a top bar of Google for searches and a button on the hand lower right to invoke the widgets. The management of these elements is a bit strange : it leads to a different space away from icons of the apps and can put a lot of widgets on the same page without grid and with the possibility of overlap each other. Looks more like a temporary solution until you find something better than the final version.

    The idea of ​​Hexy is fun but the feeling that transmits the current version is that has a long road ahead . It is true, and we must be fair to her, which just debuted on Android and, if it goes ahead, will be updated with more features. Today what I miss most is a settings menu from which you can choose to sort by other criteria apps and better management of widgets.

    News Swiftkey also want to be on your desktop with a very curious launcher: Hexy was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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    SwiftKey also want to be on your desktop with a very curious launcher: Hexy
    Source: www.xatacandroid.com  
    May 22, 2015

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