Swype Keyboard discount on Play Store and new version

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    Swy Swype Keyboard discount on Play Store and remake

    Today is the day offers, some as offering Swype Keyboard sure you put the right long teeth , and you will go directly to the Play Store to purchase price due to succulent with which you find it.

    apart if the offer comes with a new version , we can almost kill two birds with one stone, since this new update brings significant speed improvements when pressing keys on the keyboard, compatibility with KitKat and more.

    Swype pioneered the use gestures and what made him the keyboard which can type faster in Android. Here have been several competitors that have copied this great virtue as the famed SwiftKey.

    And if we add that with this version, the developers have confirmed that this has significantly improved the speed with which the keyboard responds when you press any key, we’re in luck. They have also solved some other problem, such as when large inputs and typed text cursor on some specific parts of the sentence is moved.

    Other improvements are corrections to certain bugs that affect certain type specific user, and in this new version, it should fix the problem of rendering the user interface on devices with Android 4.4.

    For those that currently do not ye welcome you to offer Swype, you can try the trial version to see if it convinces you. Anyway, price of 1.46 € having these days , you can not ask for more because of the amazing functionality it offers Swype when typing with your Android terminal.

    Here we provide Keyboard Swype keyboard widget in your trial and the one on sale

    More info -.

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    Swype Keyboard discount on Play Store and new version
    Source: www.xatacandroid.com  
    December 22, 2013

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