Sega offers us the launch trailer of Sonic Mania

Arrives tomorrow to consoles and the August 29, to PC. Sega presents the launch trailer Sonic Mania, a title that recovers the spirit of classic Sonic, and that will launch tomorrow on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Sonic Mania will have a vinyl exclusive

Thanks to the collaboration with Data Discs. SEGA has been announced today, coinciding with the 26th anniversary of Sonic, a unique album vinyl Sonic Mania thanks to the collaboration with Data Discs, the company behind the music album retro of

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The movie of Sonic will be released in 2019

Combines real images and computer graphics. The adaptation to film of Sonic The Hedgehog will arrive in 2019, has confirmed Mike Evan, Sega. This leap to the big screen will feature Tim Miller, director of Deadpool, as executive producer. The

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