The mod Long War will have a sequel in XCOM 2

The team promises news in the next few weeks. XCOM: Long War was an important mod for XCOM, so much so that its creators founded their own studio, Long War Studios announced their collaboration XCOM 2. Now the team has

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XCOM 2 receives its second downloadable content

2K Games and Firaxis It is titled ‘Alien Hunters’ and costs ?? 9.99. have announced the arrival of the second downloadable content XCOM 2 entitled Hunters aliens , which will offer new missions, goals and objects. To celebrate, he has

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We review? XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Xbox 360

It is essential to start talking about? XCOM: Enemy Unknown? having several concepts clear. Probably you, like me a few days ago, have not played the previous games, you’re pretty tired of alien invasion frames and do not believe that

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