Technology as an agent of change

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    technology as a change agent

    The incorporation of technology into our lives has significantly transformed the way we communicate, the way we access knowledge and the way how we receive information about what is happening around us. However, this would have never been possible without the creation of the smartphones as we know them today.
    Many large businesses that exist in Mexico today are thanks to technology.

    Jim Messina, who directed the advertising campaign for the reelection of Barack Obama in 2012, showed up at Digital Village 17 last July. Messina began his speech by revealing the secret of success following the re-election of the current President of the United States of America. You travel the world to find important figures in the technology sector as Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt, would be Steve Jobs who gave him an important lesson: “In the next five years the most important thing in the world, the thing that every American will and what will determine the outcome of the election of Obama will be this, a cell “ he said. Obama’s campaign was based Messina turned in managing Big Data and social networks.

    For those who run a company, no matter how big or small, Messina advised always ask the question: “How are you going to give people the best experience to get involved”, stressing, of course, the importance of technology application to achieve those objectives. Success using social networks requires inform and inspire people , not just about selling products, it is involved in what people really want.

     Technology as a change agent

    Jim Messina while participating in Aldea Digital

    During the election campaign, Big Data revolutionized the way of doing politics in the United States . First tests (emails) to see the impact that the population would then selected the best result was obtained in that way made sure that the message properly and reach the full potential of Internet took advantage took place.

    In addition to the Obama campaign, Jim Messina has participated in other advertising releases from movies like Godzilla to services and applications as Uber . His working group has found that the best way to reach consumers is through communication that users establish with your friends , because in this way a strong bond of trust is created which It yields better results than investing large sums of money on print advertising. And, the trend for organizing social movements through the Internet has had a lot better than that obtained with traditional media response. The whole process becomes faster and more comfortable for the user.

    At the end of his presentation, recognized Messina Aldea Digital as one of the most important forums in the world to discover how in the future we can organize all the current technology for use in our daily life and in business to create better opportunities for development. He also stressed that many of the large businesses that exist in Mexico are due, largely thanks to the power of technology


    Technology as an agent of change
    July 26, 2015

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