Telecinco bet type family comedy ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ with ‘She’s your father’


It’s hard not to think about ‘Señora Doubtfire ‘, one of the biggest hits of Robin Williams, reading the synopsis of the new comedy Telecinco is producing,’ She’s your father ‘. Its protagonists are two brothers, Sergio and Tomi, who share floor while the first is in full battle for custody of his children with his ex-wife, who accused him of being a bad parent. What is the solution that gives Tomi so you can see them more often?

Indeed, offers disguise Avelina , the music teacher of children, what will pose other challenges. Sergio, who is a musician, has never had a job with established schedules and adapt to teaching will be another challenge for him. Looks like a cross between film and Chris Columbus cited a change in ‘ Family doctor ‘, and still no actors associated with the project, which produces Competition Productions <-.! more ->

anyway, series and movies where the protagonist is disguised woman to be closer to their children, or to get a job, are not an invention of ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’. Tom Hanks, for example, began to become more or less known thanks to the sitcom Bosom Buddies ‘, and one of the most successful films of Dustin Hoffman is’ Tootsie ‘, where he is an unemployed actor who impersonates woman to have work on a soap opera.

There are also Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis fleeing gangsters who want to kill them in ‘ With skirts and to the crazy ‘ disguising of the members of a female band. And if we remember one of the biggest television failures in recent years, there is always’ Work it ‘.

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Telecinco bet type family comedy ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ with ‘She’s your father’
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