Telecinco has already presenter ‘Got Talent Spain’: Santi Millán

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    Santimillan Got Talent Spain ‘ It is the next big Telecinco to renew their entertainment programs prime time . National version of ‘ Britain’s Got Talent’ and other adaptations in other countries, the program moves anonymous people who have some talent ( singer, as an acrobat, whatever), and that talent is judged by a jury that decides if you pass to the next round or not. Recently I knew that Eva Hache, Jorge Javier Vazquez, Edurne and Jesus Vazquez would be those judges, and only needed to know the presenter, you’ll eventually be Santi Millán .

    Millan was already on the payroll of the chain due to ‘Chiringuito Pepe ‘new season will premiere in the coming months, and the success of the series will not have been problem for the actor is responsible for conducting a program of that truth, and we saw a sort of unofficial adaptation ‘You really href=””> vouchers’ (and still in ‘ have talent’ in Four). British program went, at the time, Susan Boyle, and although they are aspiring singer who usually take more care, comedians, magicians or people who do own of ‘ What things can also participate bet ‘.

    ‘ Got Talent Spain ‘has no release date yet , but it will start to search auditions contestants future . This weekend he started in Barcelona, ​​then continue in Madrid and Seville ( web program reports on them) . And while preparing this talent show , it will be interesting to see how returns to Antena 3 ‘Your face sounds’ , in its original version, without children, and with un Casting promises. It seems that such programs have not yet lost pull.

    Tele Go! | Jesús and Jorge Javier Vazquez in the soup: Jury now ‘Got Talent Spain’

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    Jesus and Jorge Javier Vazquez in the soup: Jury now ‘Got Talent Spain’

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    Telecinco has already presenter ‘Got Talent Spain’: Santi Millán
    August 26, 2015

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