Telecinco presents’ Be who you are, “his thriller for next year


One of the 2016 domestic release has aroused more curiosity is ‘ Be who you are ‘ a Thriller on the disappearance of a young man who has been created by Pau Freixas, previously responsible for ‘ Bracelets red “and” Cites‘. It will consist of ten episodes with an already closed end, and Freixas is an opportunity to try different things in Spanish fiction. “I wanted to play a story Adults and psychological characters, without leaving the emotions,” said presentation on the project last spring.

‘I know who you’ (not to be confused with Patricia Ferreira film of the same title) starts with a man who appears disoriented and bloodied, walking in the middle of a road. not remember who he is or how he got there , but the police found to have suffered a traffic accident in his car and mobile Anna, niece of 22 years, is gone. Is this guilty man? Is your actual amnesia?

Those responsible for the series claim that amnesia will allow them to play with the way that history temporary jumps and changes in perspective, and also force the viewer to be more attentive to what happens in each episode. It is true that we are already several series of disappearances of girls in recent months, ‘I know who you’ want to differentiate targets in form and construction of the characters.

Francesc Garrido gives life to the protagonist , and the distribution will accompany Blanca Portillo, Martiño Rivas, Pepón Nieto or Aida Folch, which will test the acquittal of John Elias. Telecinco has no release date yet for the series, which will be sometime next year.

Tele Go! | ‘Be who you are’ is the new thriller Telecinco

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‘I know who you are’ is the new thriller Telecinco

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Telecinco presents’ Be who you are, “his thriller for next year
November 23, 2015