The 33 most spectacular kisses the series in gif

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    Today we celebrated the International Kissing day, one of those days that all means take to make lists, more or less inspired or sympathetic, about the best you-it is held that day. In this case, we speak of kisses and more specifically television series . To take a look at movie kisses, you can choose to this video of our fellow Magnet.

    what interests us are the kisses of television, the best, most unexpected, most remembered, directly historical that have left the series. Because yes, the first of them all has to be the Uhura and Kirk, a black woman and a white man in 1968.

    Star Trek

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    the first interracial kiss on television US it got Nichelle Nichols and William Shatner in ‘Star Trek’, in 1968, the same year he was assassinated Martin Luther King.

    ‘the Big Bang Theory’

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    Sheldon and Amy took quite in consummating their relationship, but it is not so rare to see them kissing in ‘the Big Bang Theory’.

    ‘New Girl’

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    in series with an air of romantic comedy, the first kiss it is always relevant. The Jess and Nick ‘New Girl’ was inevitable.


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    Oh, Ross and Rachel . The lap that gave this couple, wedding saying the wrong name of the bride included.


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    few gave kisses while talking on the internet as it enters Lexa and Clarke . And we do not say more, which are spoilers .

    ‘Veronica Mars’

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    The beginning of this epic love story, as I said Logan , between him and Veronica is this kiss. Which is followed by a more passionate.

    ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’

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    Shared Buffy a kiss and with Angel? The chemistry with Spike was undeniable.

    ‘Parks and Recreation’

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    that final zoom and indicates that kiss between Ben and Leslie is important. It is the first.


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    there is no love story that has made her suffer more fans of this series of Mickey and Ian .

    ‘ the west wing of the White House ‘

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    Almost until the end of the series had to wait followers Josh and Donna to view a kiss.

    ‘the Mindy Project ‘

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    The ratio of Mindy and Danny has taken many turns, but the first kiss is still remembered by fans.

    ‘The Prince’

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    the love story between Morey and Fatima is one of the important parts of ‘ Prince’. Hence those kisses at sunset.


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    The first kiss (real) sharing screen Mulder and Scully is a New Year’s kiss. In the seventh season.

    Doctor Who

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    Rose Tyler and Tenth Doctor always had something special. Although this Doctor has “trick”.

    ‘The Vampire Diaries’

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    A few passionate kisses so have seen on the CW as Damon and Elena .

    ‘ Gilmore ‘


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    ” You can stay still? ” Luke and Lorelai were others who took his stuff to realize that they were meant for each other.


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    Claire and Jaime begin their wedding night (that night awaited by readers of books) with this kiss.

    ‘the Good Wife’

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    How game gave the elevators in this series. A Will and Alicia , of course, they got a lot.

    ‘Vis a vis’

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    in the Spanish series, some of the most passionate kisses recent is the given Macarena and Curls .


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    awaited kiss between Felicity and Ben did not arrive until the end of the first season.

    ‘Pushing Daisies’

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    Ned and Chuck could not be touched (or she would die) and seeking other ways kissing power.


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    Sawyer just might have the most passionate kisses, but is that Desmond and Penny were separated by time and space.


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    captain Jack Harkness liked flirting with everything that moved. But Ianto was special.


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    This kiss Sarah Chuck already suggested there might be something between them, rather than being international spies.

    ‘Game of thrones’

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    not too many really romantic kisses in this series. The Jon and Ygritte above the wall itself is one of them.


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    dreams. The great allies of the series to solve, without actually doing it, the unresolved sexual tension between two characters. David and Maddie are two good examples.

    Now it is up to you, because it will be by seriéfilos kisses. What are your favorites?

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    The 33 most spectacular kisses the series in gif
    April 13, 2016

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