The ‘Akira’ Taika Waititi is already a reality: to be released the summer of 2021

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    The 'Akira' Taika Waititi is already a reality: to be released the summer of 2021

    After an endless number of frustrated attempts, cancellations, and changes of plans, a couple of years ago, the new film adaptation of ‘Akira’, the classic manga by Katsuhiro Otomo —this time in real action—, seemed to have found its way finally after fumbling around to Taika Waititi responsible.

    The new zealander put to Warner the conditions on the table, including a cast asian virtually unknown and completely forget the fantastic anime directed by Otomo to focus on the original printed, to address the project. And it seems that the negotiation resulted.

    According to the latest news, Warner Bros. have revealed that the mysterious film that they had scheduled for the may 14, 2021, whose premiere is now scheduled for the 21st of the same month, will be the version of ‘Akira’ directed by the lord Waititi. Excellent news that, at last, pointing to the materialisation of one of the projects that be cursed of the Hollywood recent. 

    Unfortunately, the good news brings another bad under the arm, because ‘Akira’ will mean that Taika Waititi to leave the address of ‘Bubbles’, the biopic stop-motion on Michael Jackson told through the point of view of the chimpanzee who prepares Netflix, and the screenplay took the top spot from the Black List 2015.

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    The news The ‘Akira’ Taika Waititi is already a reality: will premiere in the summer of 2021 was originally published in Espinof by Victor Lopez G. .


    The ‘Akira’ Taika Waititi is already a reality: to be released the summer of 2021
    May 24, 2019

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